Puffer Coats That Won't Make You Look Puffy

While it might be scientifically inaccurate to call severely lower than normal temperatures a “polar vortex” there is no doubt the term has gained in popularity lately…it seems that’s all anyone talks about these days. Global warming be damned. And while fur and shearling are huge trends in outerwear this season, so are puffer coats. Yes, down coats and jackets have been around forever, but I never took them very seriously except for walking my dog at 10pm in the dead of winter when I lived in Chicago. Let’s face it, most puffer coats just make you look, dare I say…fat. Yet now with “athleisure” gaining in popularity, throwing a fur or shearling on over your Lululemon, just doesn’t seem right. Is it possible to find a down coat or jacket that is fashionable and doesn’t make you look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?
Down outerwear has come a long way and thankfully you can find styles that are a little more figure flattering. Look for ones that are not over-stuffed, have smaller quilted patterning (instead of large square panes), cinch at the waist, have drawstrings that nip the waist, or better yet – ones that come with a belt! It used to be Moncler and Prada were the only companies that understood women don’t ever want to look 10-20 lbs. heavier than they really are. Not anymore and thank God, because I never want to see my old down coat again.
Take a look at some of the more figure flattering puffer coats and jackets available now and keep warm this winter!
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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