Project Runway Season 9 Episode 8: What Women Want. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

What Women Want, is it really all that hard to figure out? Ask the designers on Project Runway Season 9 and you just might get a resounding “YES.” But maybe in this case it was a bit difficult to determine what each of the nine participating women wanted because it was their boyfriend or husband who was doing the explaining. But there were a few helpful suggestions from the brave men who thought they knew the women in their life: “she likes pink”; “she has large breasts”; “she wouldn’t wear that.”
The workroom was loud and hectic and the craziness traveled with the designers as the male customers accompanied the designers to Mood to help pick out the fabric. The conflicting view points and over-all mayhem that started off the challenge only got worse when the men’s better-halves arrived at the workroom to give their own input on what they like to wear. Most of the designers seemed to hit it off with their couple after the initial chaos dissipated. Josh was in a mini-panic since his client liked simple, meaning no bedazzling, no matter how much he wanted to add bling. Viktor, who is fast becoming my favorite designer, was spot-on with his design idea and it was confirmed when his lady client walked in wearing a similar outfit to what he had started creating. Laura was dressing an adult wanna-be Barbie, which matched her tastes perfectly. Anthony Ryan was in a sticky situation where the couple wanted a dress that was similar to one that had been left behind in an airport. He wanted to please the couple, but was having a difficult time pointing his own point of view in the look. Kim pretty much flew under the radar. Anya seemed to be coasting through her design process fairly easily, but from the look of her garment it seemed as if she were making some home décor pieces rather than an actual dress. Bert was creating another boring dress, one even he knew the judges would think was too simple. Olivier and Bryce were the two designers who were having the most trouble this challenge. But aren’t they always? Olivier, who did have a demanding couple, was having a difficult go at creating something that his clients like when all he really wanted to do was create something he liked, preferable for a model with little to no bosom, no curves and one who wouldn’t talk or give their opinion. Good luck with that, Olivier! But it was Bryce who was mentally floundering more than anything else. He seemed stumped by the color, which has seemed to happen more than once this season already.

Laura, Kim and Olivier (all that hassle and no comments from the judges) were safe from elimination. The judges, including guest judge Malin Ackerman, placed Viktor, Josh and Anya in the top. The judges loved Anya’s design that was a fusion of modern and kimono. While I thought it looked like an asymmetrical, silk curtain with rope draw strings, the judges loved it and are continually impressed with her unique silhouettes. Viktor’s outfit of separates was my favorite look of the runway and seemed to fit his model perfectly. The color combination was great and looked like something any working girl would love to wear. But while the judges agreed that it was cute and sexy, they also thought it was a little over accessorized. Because what women really needs to wear sunglasses, a necklace and a clutch? That left the winning design going to Josh, who, yes creating something out of the ordinary for him, but don’t the judges usually want to see a little something of the designer in each of the designs?
The bottom three designers were those who are familiar with being among the least favorite; Bryce, Bert and Anthony. Bert, who has yet to actually design anything, is continually boring the judges with his safe, everyday sort of dresses. The only reason he’s still around is that he has obvious talent sewing and cutting fabric. Anthony’s attempt at creating a vintage dress ended up being very boring and on top of that it made his model look a bit boxy. What’s worse, she also looked like she was wearing an old lady’s dress. But thank goodness for him that Anthony’s hot pink mess of a dress was worse. As Nina put it there were just too many details. There was a large hem on the bottom, unattractive large pockets accentuating her thighs, strips of fabric crossing the back and tied all together with a black belt around her waist. Sorry, Bryce, but it looks like after weeks of being among the bottom you’re finally on your way out.

Joshua, 'You are the winner!"

Anya's Design

Vicktor's Design

Bryce, "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes:
I’m more intimated by the waist line, you know, budgets are small and a bigger waistline means more fabric. —Josh
In the end we’re left with all the fat people. Which is fine, but not when we’re making clothes. —Olivier
My experience with some men is they haven’t got a clue. —Bert
If it was up to me she’d wear a leaf just to get by in public. —Bert’s male customer
Her breasts are like ginormous. —Olivier
You know, I don’t like women having boobs I just want them to be flat. —Olivier
What do I know about it? I just know that it’s a bra size. —Tim

My first thought was “thank god” and “how did he snag her.” —Laura
When Josh said simple, I didn’t realize he meant simple. —Josh
Bryce has this fabric that is hot pink, almost anti-diarrheal medicine and it just makes me want to go to the bathroom, really bad. —Viktor
I think you’re going full-tilt Barbie with that shoe. —Tim
You don’t always have to wear a bra. —Josh
I’m not going to make up stuff because I don’t know anything, but I know it didn’t go well. —Viktor
It’s too up your ass, that’s what you’re saying? She doesn’t like the crack going up her ass. —Olivier’s male customer
I feel like working with a model again and having a non-speaking person doing their job. —Olivier
It looked like the hostess of the Tiki Tiki Room. —Bert
Hey, Ba-Da-Bing! —Heidi
I know if my husband were here, he’d have me in the tightest leather pants and a tank top. —Malin Ackerman
It looks like you’re at a buffet, you put a pork chop in one pocket, a beer in the other. —Michael Kors
She looks either like a really, really little girl or like an old lady. —Heidi
It almost looks like super hero, ice skater. —Michael Kors
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—Bonnie J Brown
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