Project Runway Season 9 Episode 3: Go Big or Go Home. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway Season 9 - Go Big or Go Home
“Think big!” That’s what Heidi had to say from atop her circus stilts when assigning this week’s challenge which involved designing garments for stilt-walking women. While the challenge obviously had a strong circus theme, Tim hinted that Paris Haute Couture should be an important design aspect as well. Per usual, the designers were a bit leery and none too enthused, especially when they found out they’d be paired up with another designer to complete the challenge. Anya and Oliver seemed to be the only content pair as they’re the darlings of the competition thus far. But everyone else seemed to think they were too good to be paired with their respective partner, most especially Victor and Bert, who would bicker like an old, very unhappy married couple the entirety of the show. But the designers had a challenge to do and this particular challenge added additional pressure since the runway show would be outdoors with a public audience viewing their final designs. However, there was a plus-side, the designers got $500 to spend at Mood, but the other downside was they only had one day to complete their garments. So many challenges all in one episode! How are the designers going to survive? – Obviously by creating drama for us to enjoy.  Victor and Bert couldn’t seem to get their act together and started designing a garment neither wanted to claim as their own. And why would they? The fabric alone was something you’d see an old couch upholstered in.  Bryce and Fallene also had trouble working together which was entirely Bryce’s fault who was so full of himself after he found out Fallene hadn’t gone to school for design and didn’t know about cutting on the grain. If I had to hear him say she “cut off the grain” one more time, I may have gone into an epileptic fit. Bryce’s bad mouthing her abilities crushed Fallene’s self esteem, who was then unable to make any part of the final garment except for a jaunty little head piece.  While tensions were a bit high, even for Cecilia and Danielle who worked relatively well together except for their decision to work with chiffon, the teams were able to complete their garments with relative ease in time for the fashion show.
Nina Garcia and Michael Kors
Kim Kardashian is guest judge
While the designs were complete, that doesn’t mean they impressed the judges. The star duo, Anya and Oliver skated by with enough points to make it to the next show, but Joshua M. and Julie along with Bryce and Fallene and Victor and Bert would not be able to avoid the judges’ critiques, including that of guest judge Kim Kardashian. Joshua M. and Julie, who created an outfit inspired by a romantic matador was considered tacky, although very well made. Bryce and Fallene’s final design was a poorly put together design that looked incomplete and the obvious conflict Victor and Bert had with each other came across in their wrinkled dress which reminded Kim K. of Scarlet O’Hara’s famous curtain dress from Gone with the Wind. The top designs came from Cecilia and Danielle, whose chiffon pant outfit impressed the judges, who could hardly tell there were stilts beneath the pant legs. Becky and Kimberly, who produced impeccably, tailored garments, also impressed the judges, who were looking for something that would look just as good on someone not wearing stilts. But the winning design came from Anthony and Laura whose all red gown wowed the judges as the material flickered and waved down the runway. It had drama and flare, but Nina did warn Anthony to remember to be original and not design something he’s already seen. With Laura crowned as this week’s winner, someone had to go and that left Fallene saying good bye. Until next week! Memorable Quotes: The stilts models, they’re kinda scary. – Victor I imagined doing a romantic, matador, stilt walker. – Julie It looks like a Jetson Elvis. – Bert I love Joshua M.’s pants. They remind me of Beetlejuice. – Victor Maybe he doesn’t know how to say he doesn’t like it. – Anya Her hair looks like a big pumpkin on her head. – Cecilla Ole, Ole, Ole. You guys, I mean drama does not mean tacky. – Michael Kors
Laura and Anthony Ryan's design Laura, you are the winner!
Celcillia and Danielle's design
Becky and Kimberly's design
Joshua and Julie's design
Bert and Viktor's design
Bryce and Fallene's design - Fallene, you are out!
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