Project Runway Season 9 Episode 14. The Finale Part 2: Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 14 Finale (Part 2)
And another season of Project Runway has come to an end, but not without one more runway show, one more critique and one more winner announced. But unlike all the other episodes, the finale is often a bit unexciting. Sure there’s New York Fashion Week and a full collection from each of the designers, but all the other exciting bits of the show seem to go away. No one has anything snarky to say, there’s less than zero drama and usually before the runway show even begins there’s a good indication who the winner is going to be; but not this time around. True, there wasn’t any drama or snark, but the winner was certainly a surprise.
Project Runway Judges
Kimberly got the ball rolling with her fashion forward, urban inspired collection that was full of vibrant colors, some unique shapes, and a new view point for the fashion industry. The judges hit it right on that Kim had a number of great pieces, with a few “clunky” areas, but what was shown wasn’t exactly a complete collection. Her new urban-fashion viewpoint is something that seems to have a place in the fashion industry, but may need a little more tweaking. Needless to say, Kim was not the winner. Viktor’s collection, as the designers were quick to point out, including guest judge L’Wren Scott, noted that he had two separate collections. One collection was sophisticated in a girly sort of way, with superb tailoring, and the other was black and shear. The garments in the former collection had the female judges exclaiming over his opening dress. His prints were inspired by his trips to Mexico, but the garments were city chic. The later garments of shear black and played pick-a-boo with the models’ physics kept him from winning the $100,000. So that left Josh and Anya. Anya’s collection was the same, pretty, plunging, v-neck, flowing dress in multiple different prints that had the judges oohing and aahhing; and Josh, for once, had garments that were perfectly styled and not overdone. Obviously I thought that Josh was going to win, Nina even named him most improved. His collection was a solid story that was true to his aesthetic and he didn’t play it safe. He chose to use quirky materials, bright colors and crazy prints and it was the best collection of the competition. But Anya’s positive personality and ability to listen to the judges’ opinions lead her to victory. Anya’s dresses, which didn’t really make a collection, but a line of dresses, will be sold on and is definitely a better fit than Josh’s unique garments, so maybe the winner wasn’t quite a surprise after all.
"Anya, Congratulations! You are the winner of Project Runway!"
Josh's Design
Viktor's Design
Kimberly's Design
Memorable Quotes: Oh my Lord of the Rings. –Viktor This isn’t going to the Four Seasons, it’s going downtown. –Tim Gunn I can show them I’m not emotionally attached, even though I am. –Viktor It’s @$cking New York Fashion Week, people and we’re sewing people into garments. Pull it together. –Josh If it ain’t colorful I ain’t even seeing it. –Betsy Johnson Even though I don’t like his personality, I liked Josha’s collection.  –Jay McCarroll You like a lot. It’s schizophrenic. –Michael Kors It was a v-neck fest. –Michael Kors I can’t deny that her collection was extremely beautiful…not sewn so amazingly well… –Joshua Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! —Bonnie J. Brown Photos: Lifetime

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