Project Runway Season 8 Episode 7: What's Mine Is Yours. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

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Since Project Runway has moved to the Lifetime network, I am in a constant state of apprehension just prior to the beginning of the show. I’m thinking to myself: Is this going to be a good episode? Will I be entertained? Will the episode even be trash-television worthy? Last night I was a bit more hesitant to turn the channel for the lone reason that I had to stop watching my sexy Spanish boyfriend, Rafael Nadal, sprint across the tennis court to watch 90 minutes of a show that might be entertaining. But happily, I wasn’t too let down.
What’s Mine is Yours, was the title of the episode and the challenge was one concocted by Michael Kors. Like any Michael Kors challenge, the main focus was inspiration. In addition to finding and being inspired, the ultimate challenge was to create a resort look. The designers were treated to a little boat tour along New York’s harbor, and while I’m not sure how inspiring an urban area can be when it comes to designing a resort garment, the designers were thrilled at the opportunity to see New York from the bow of a swanky yacht.

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Of course, as is, the challenge was much too simplistic and a twist was added after the designers had their garments sketched out and had returned from their trip to Mood. Tim told the designers that they were to “wear two hats” this challenge. Instead of completing the garment themselves, the designers had to complete the design of another designer’s as if they were a sample showroom. This required the ability to communicate with each other since they had to explain how they wanted their own design constructed. Valarie and Andy were paired up, as were Michael C. and Mondo, April and Christopher, Ivy and Michael D., and Gretchen and Casanova. While everyone seemed a bit nervous about the new challenge, no one was too concerned…that is, except Ivy, who it turns out is quite the sew Nazi. Her controlling personality came out in full force and I feared for poor Michael D’s safety. But lucky for Ivy, Michael D. was such a good sport about things that he took her directions in stride, however, he was so terrified of her that he was not able to perform well under pressure.
Originally I thought the twist to the challenge was a good one. As Michael Kors and Tim Gunn said, no successful designer can actually make all of their samples, they have to outsource to a sample showroom. However, seeing as how each designer’s sewing skills and abilities are at different levels it is impossible to expect two great garments to come from one team. And it was the designers who had the superior sewing skills that ended up in the bottom this week since they were concentrating on helping their partners construct their own garment. Ivy, Mondo and Casanova were on the bottom this week. Ivy dumbed down her garment so much that her outfit was completely yawn-worthy and had the judges questioning whether or not she is anything more than just a good seamstress (ouch!). Mondo’s garment was more H&M sales rack (as Michael Kors called it) than resort and Casanova, once again resorted to the old lady look, even admitting to the judges that he designed the garment with his grandmother in mind. This defense of his garment, if it could be called that, did not help his situation and had the judges question his style sense once again (hooker or grandma?) Casanova you are out and we (including myself) will miss you!

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The top designers this week were Andy, quite the sleek and sexy one-piece and wrap; Michael D. certainly had the advantage of having Ivy’s skills as a sewer and his great design aesthetic; and April was able to design a punky, baby doll dress and boy short that wowed the judges, including guest judge, Kristin Bell. But in all honesty, I’m not sure I would take that as a compliment, since Kristin was wearing one hideous fringed garment. But April’s goth-resort look won her the challenge and immunity for next week. Smile, April, you won!

Project Runway_8_7_April

April – "You are the winner!"

Project Runway_8_7_Andy
Andy's Design

Project Runway_8_7_Michael-D
Michael Drummond's Design

Project Runway_8_7Mondo
Mondo's Design

Project Runway_8_7_ivy
Ivy's Design

Project Runway_8_7_Casanova
Casanova, "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes:

"I was a little bit scared because Michael Kors being so rude to me in the critiques." —Casanova
"I never go on vacation. You know what? I wake up late in my apartment; walk around in my underwear and t-shirt, that’s resort wear." —Mondo
"Cheers to Michael Kors sunglasses." —Gretchen
"Every single time when I see the bag with the golden rope I get scared." —Casanova
"Everyone in that room is thinking oh my God, oh my God, I don’t want to be on Michael C’s team, I don’t want to be his partner." —Mondo
"So now I’ve had to hand over what I do best to Ivy and she’s handing over her neurosis to me." —Michael D.
"Oh my God, she believes I’m a retard." —Casanova
"I love the old lady, f@#k!" —Casanova
"Do me a favor. She’s glamour puss, over the top. Keep it simple." —Michael Kors
"It would be great to not feel like a complete doo-doo head." —Michael D.
"I almost feel like I’m turning into my mother and you don’t want to see a Korean angry." —Ivy
"She’s a hooker or a grandma." —Michael Kors
"Sad? …Zero. Disappointed? …Maybe a quart." —Casanova

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—Bonnie J Brown

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