Project Runway Season 8 Episode 14: The Finale, Part 2. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode


It was the episode we Project Runway fanatics have been looking forward to all season. The remaining three designers were to show their complete collection during New York Fashion Week in Lincoln Center and the judges would crown the new winner of Project Runway. With this being the culmination of an entire season, you’d imagine that someone who watches the show would be more than a tad excited to see what the outcome would be. But I’ll be honest; I would have been fine skipping the episode and reading about who the winner was this morning. My ho-hum attitude towards the final episode could be attributed to the fact that I thought Mondo was going to win hands down and all the advertisements for the episode about it being the “toughest decision in Project Runway history” was a load of B.S. What made the finale even more daunting was when I found out the episode was going to be even longer than its normal 90 minute time span. It was even worse when the episode turned out to be filled with flashbacks and the designers moaning about how hard they’ve worked and blah, blah, blah. Save me from people who complain about a little hard work!



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Prior to watching the episode, I will admit, I thought Mondo would be the winner, with Andy being a very close runner-up, leaving Gretchen to be eliminated right 
the bat. Oh so wrong! While the designers liked Andy’s designs, they (including guest judge Jessica Simpson (WHY?!) found his collection too narrow. Nina also thought that Andy got lost somewhere in the collection, and even though she enjoyed seeing the softer side of his clothing, she still wanted to see that warrior woman he was designing for the entire season. The real fashion battle was between Gretchen and Mondo, or more aptly put: Team Gretchen and Team Mondo. Mondo had Jessica Simpson and Heidi Klum as his champions while Gretchen had Michael Kors and Nina staunchly defending her collection. In this case I’m not so sure the judges were judging on talent as they were on which clothing they liked more. Even though each of the designers’ collections were made up of ready-to-wear separates, Mondo’s clothing, at least in Nina’s eyes, looked much too teenager and over-all too costume-y. Michael and Nina were pleased with Gretchen’s attempt to glam-up her granola collection, but personally I’m not so sure that pink lipstick was the way to go with a predominately olive clothing collection. And even though Michael and Nina were both adamant that women would wear her designs, I can’t imagine a woman wanting to wear those high-waisted, fitted bloomers that almost all of her models were sporting. – Who looks good in something like that?!


While Gretchen did have a complete collection with varying pieces, her clothing seemed a bit unfinished when compared with Mondo’s collection. His lively, maybe a tad over the top, runway show impressed both Heidi and Jessica Simpson. His clothing also fits his models superbly and has great movement and liveliness that would certainly transform the wearer. However, the fact that he kept in the long polka dot dress that Nina and Michael hated so much the week before put a nail in Mondo’s chances of winning Project Runway. So it’s Gretchen who is the winner, surprise-surprise, although I think there are many more people out there that wanted to see Mondo win.


Sample of Andy's Collection



Sample of Mondo's Collection



Sample of Gretchen's Collection

Memorable Quotes

"You have a one in three chance of winning Project Runway, can you believe that?" —Mondo
"I’m not a bitch I just play one on TV." —Gretchen
"This looks so much like hair. Seeing it grow up out of this crotch is very disturbing." —Tim
"It’s just another day for us on Project Runway, it’s just a big day." —Mondo
"Andy, these pants are a mess! How many people agree with me?" —Tim Gunn
"Alto, Mondo. It was very Mondo." —Michael Kors
"It’s a fashion show, not a circus." —Nina Garcia
"I can’t see you in the polka dot dress either." —Heidi Klum
"Hello, read a magazine, fashion is changing." —Michael Kors
"Cut the damn sleeves off, she looks like a polka dot barber pole." —Michael Kors

"I want to see you wearing that polka-dot dress, Klum!" —Nina Garcia

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