Project Runway Season 8 Episode 12: Inspired by New York City & Losing Steam. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project_Runway_8_12_designers So close to Lincoln Park they can almost taste it!

Season 8 of Project Runway is coming to an end and I hate to say it, but for an hour and a half weekly television show, it really did fly by. Andy, April, Gretchen, Michael C., and Mondo were the final five designers to compete in the last episode of Project Runway before the two-episode finale that is New York Fashion Week. The episode had quite a bit of weeping from the designers, possibly because they had all “lost their steam” as Michael, Tim, Gretchen and maybe even Mondo had said throughout the episode. How is it possible that each one of them would use that phrase? – I don’t know, but find it a teensy bit odd. Anyway, of course each of the remaining designers thought they should be the ones to make it to Fashion Week, but Tim and Heidi kept reminding them that at least one, maybe more would be going home.

Mayor Bloomberg & Tim Gunn
For the last challenge the designers were “given” the city of New York by Mayor Bloomberg to use as inspiration. Each designer had to pick a landmark and create a look that would “wow” the judges.


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The judges including Christian Siriano

Mondo, Michael and Andy had the top designs this week and easily made it to New York fashion week, but not without some warnings from the judges, including advice from guest judge and past Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano. Michael and Nina love the fun and joy that Mondo puts into his clothing and were happy to see that his Brooklyn Bridge inspired dress could still emit those feelings even without the use of color. But Heidi was not so easily won over, and admitted that she was a bit bored with his over-use of herringbone material. I’ve noticed that Heidi seems be becoming more vocal with her fashion opinions and unfortunately they’re not that great. She certainly knows what she likes, but she definitely does not know who to give a constructive critique of the designs. Michael C. created the runway look to beat this episode with a draped dress inspired from the Statue of Liberty. Once again Michael C. is able to blow the judges away, even though he didn’t even know what kind of material he used, something they even defended. Andy’s dress too was perfectly constructed and exhibited his great attention to detail, however, in no way represented his inspiration he found in Central Park. Instead it was a dress made for a dominatrix slash strong warrior woman. Gretchen’s design didn’t have much inspiration, although she did visit the lower east side, but instead she designed an outfit that she would like to wear. The judges were not impressed, to say the least. The judges were also bored with the pregnant witch look that April designed, a look that has been done before more than once. They were disappointed in the dress and that she never uses any color in her designs. Since Gretchen made separates (a favorite among the judges) she’s in and young April is out. But only three will be showing at Fashion Week, so the competition goes on.

Michael C.'s winning design

Mondo's design

Andy's warrior princess design

Gretchen's lost her steam design

April's "I'm sorry, you are out" design

Memorable Quotes:

Oh my God, I’m going to have a cappuccino tomorrow morning and it’s going to be real! -Gretchen
Ladies, this is not a hobby. -Andy
Coo-Coo Couture. -Gretchen
I kind of like being here, but mostly want to leave. -Gretchen
I gave birth to a Chinese prostitute. -Andy
Be careful that she doesn’t look slutty or end up looking like a Real Housewives of New Jersey. -Tim Gunn
Kind of rock-n-roll secretarial.  -Michael Kors
She’s a pregnant witch; I don’t know what else to say. -Michael Kors
Dominatrix, that’s his thing. -Michael Kors
Warrior woman? I didn’t even reference her for five challenges. -Andy
You went to the lower east side but your look was not cool. -Heidi
Make big mama proud! -April

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—Bonnie J Brown

Photos: Lifetime

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