Project Runway Season 7 Episode 2: Create a Party Look From a Potato Sack. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode


It’s week two of Project Runway, and the show begins with the designers easing into their morning rituals at the hip Atlas hotel. The bottom two designers from last week’s show lament their previous garments; while the ladies are contemplating what the new challenge could entail…A New York themed challenge? A trip to Mood?; no, nothing so glamorous.  The designers are shipped off on a field trip and arrive on a farm to find Tim Gunn and their models sporting nothing but potato sacks.


The challenge stems from the saying “she’s so beautiful she’d even look good wearing a potato sack.”  Not only will the designers have to design a party dress from burlap, but their clients are their models and the models get to choose who they want to work with; oh the drama! I am happy to report that feelings get hurt and Mila gets catty, but the show must go on and of course, Tim encourages everyone to “make it work.”
Once again it's a mad dash in the Parson’s workroom and I'm amazed to find that everyone is able to send their models down the runway wearing something at least somewhat presentable…that is except for Ping, but more about her later. The top three of the week were most obviously Amy, who was able to keep the integrity of the burlap and it’s organic coloring, but still make it look like a fun and flirty dress, which guest judge, Lauren Hutton (love her!) gushed over. Mila, who complained about being dissed by the model she worked with in the first episode, ended up making a great collaboration with her current model, a form fitting futuristic dress which had Michael Kors proclaim that she was able to make burlap hot!  But this week’s winner was Jay and I say “yea!”.  While he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to finish the dress (as they all were) the feather-like detailing that made up his mini dress was absolutely adorable and if you didn’t know it was burlap you’d never be able to guess.

And that’s when the presentable stopped and the cringe-worthy and downright shocking garments came down the runway. Ping sent her poor model out in a dress so short her butt cheeks were literally flashing the judges; Heidi even craned her neck as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Ping herself found it somewhat surprising as well that her model’s butt was so obviously visible, even though Tim warned her about the dress being too vulgar.  But, who listens to Tim? Not, Jesus, who was also one of the bottom three this week with his ribbon, not burlap dress.  I guess he thought his design was so good he didn’t have to follow the rules of the challenge.  But, it was Pamela who we say auf wiedersehen to this week with her denim inspired, western style dress that had a woman who could look good in a potato sack, look three times her size.  While I’m not sure her garment was worse than Ping’s, Pamela wasn’t fashion forward and Ping has left the judges wanting more. Hopefully Ping adds a bit more fabric to her next garment.


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Jay's Design – "You are safe..and you are the winner!"

Mila's Design

Amy's Design

Ping's Design

Ping's Back of Design (see the problem?)

Jesus' Design

Pamela's western party dress -"You are out!"

Memorable Quotes:

“Sneaky, tricky Heidi – I don't know if we're going to the moon or to a runway show.”

"On top of having to make a dress our of a burlap sack, now we have to be wanted." Mya on having the models choose their designer.

"Alexa decided top go with Anthony…hmm what's up with that? Like, did she hate my design?" Mila

“What am I, chopped liver?”
Mila, on being picked last
“Burlap is probably as old as Moses.”

“Grab your potato sack and follow me." Tim Gunn
“Mila can kiss me and my entire family’s asses.” Anthony on Mila's questioning why her model choose him
“Forgive the pun…you skirted the challenge.” Tim Gunn to Jesus on covering the burlap skirt with ribbon.

“I’m flabbergasted…I don't see how your going to get this finished…I'm glad I'm not in your shoes.” Tim Gunn to Jay
“Yes, yes, I know, I’m always intriguing” Ping to Tim Gunn

“You don't want to be vulgar, that's my point.”
Tim Gunn to Ping
“Yes, let's make sure the buttocks are covered…that would be nice.” Elizaveta (model) to Ping
“My model really digs my design…so in a way I feel blessed to have Alexis diss me!”
“I don’t want to be one of those designers who sews people into their dress.” Pamela on runway day
“The garment's not functional, it doesn’t cover her ass… I'm worried but then I look over at Ping and she's laughing. Maybe I shouldn't be worried, because it’s supposed to be an ass flap.” Jonathan on Ping's dress.
“Ms Thing has a big ole butt.” Anthony on Pamela’s model in her dress
“Dresses are like paintings and that is a very… confused assault-on-the-eye painting”  Lauren Hutton on Jesus' dress
“Here she is, she can wear a potato sack – I have a feeling a plain potato sack would have been more flattering.” Michael Kors
“You went from the farm, to the future and it’s fabulous.”  Nina Garcia on Mila’s dress
“They’ll notice you, they’ll see your ass hanging out” Michael Kors on Ping's dress.

“The ass looks asymmetrical – on big butt cheek and one small butt cheek." Michael Kors on Jesus' design
“The last thing you would think of with a burlap bag would be 'hot' and 'edgy'"
Michael Kors on Mila's design

“Literally like an arrow: 'I want to have a big butt'.” Michael Kors on the seams on the back of Pamela's design.

“I think he’s made burlap look expensive.”  Lauren Hutton on Jay's dress

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—Bonnie J Brown

 Photos: Lifetime TV

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