Project Runway Season 6 Episode 9: Struggles With Sequins. Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode.


This week's challenge: Create an iconic look, in the style of design
legend Bob Mackie (see: Cher at the 1986 Oscars), for an icon,
superstar Christina Aguilera. Now, this is the kind of challenge we the
viewers love to see! Give the designers a little more time, and a
little more freedom with their inspiration, and let them go! Like the
couture gown challenge that inspired previous winner Jeffrey Sebelia to
create that gorgeous yellow plaid gown, we're hopeful that this
challenge will finally highlight someone as the front runner! However…
I think it is pretty darn funny that just last week, Shirin and the
judges were poo-pooing the divorcee's desire for a Cher look, and here
we are this week, honoring Bob Mackie… Oops!


Next up, Tim Gunn
comes in and rocks the work room. As Christopher says, he's like a
tornado, throwing sequins and hopes out the window! But it makes sense.
Making a show piece for stage and screen is definitely showing who has
trouble with their taste level. So the designers are going a little
crazy, but coping. Althea says, this challenge has been a lot of fun
compared to the others, and I would say, it's been a lot more fun for
us, too! A much better balance of the designers' personalities, their
work, and a little snark from Tim. And glittery dresses for us to look
at! Will this season finally rebound?

 Heidi_Klume_Christina Aguilera

Back to the runway! Our
favorite sassy judge is finally back! And if we can't have Nina AND
Michael, Nina and Bob Mackie is a pretty good substitution. Oh yeah,
Christina Aguilera was there, too! Irina is safe, and Gordana gets called out
for her crappy look and is dismissed with immunity. Carol Hannah shows
an extremely glam black feather and sequin gown, Althea's silver gown
hugs the body just right, and Nicholas's look, despite being a little
ice-skatery, is very appropriate for the singer. Could definitely see
that at the Grammys. They all wind up on top. Christopher's big reveal
was a flop, Shirin's gown was just messy and Logan didn't quite hit the
mark with his zebra print.

Who wound up on top? Finally, Carol Hannah takes it home! While
Nicholas and Althea had pretty looks, they weren't as original. I don't
think I've made it any secret that Carol Hannah is my favorite, so I
was thrilled that she won for a challenge that I thought she really
deserved. And who said sayonara? Logan was safe, of course, because
he's good looking, but also because his dress could've been great with
a few alterations. Christopher was saved, who knows why. Sparkle
panties! Seriously? So Shirin went home for her garment that was bad,
but also boring. And we're pretty much okay with that.

Carol Hannah – The Winner!








Shirin – you're out!

And now, your memorable quotes! Thank goodness there actually were some this week.

work that I do for theater and for film is very grand with feathers and
lace and crystals and just, ombre!
– Nicholas drops the O-bomb. In
previous seasons we heard a LOT about ombre, but this season, this is
the first mention, I think!

People are running rampant. They're
grabbing anything that has any sort of shine, sheen, sequins, beads…
Feathers, leather, fur…
-  Shirin, Gordana

You give me some sequins, some feathers and some lace and I will create you a couture garment! – Nicholas

can definitely tell the people that know what they're doing and they
got the right fabric and they're feeling good. And then you see the
sort of deer in the headlights look. They're staring at their fabric
and you can tell they have no idea what to do with this stuff.
– Irinia

We have four challenges left after this one. Four. Just so you know. No pressure! – Nicholas

simple? Crazy sequins with a print, stuff on the sides, chains, lined
in pink… that's not too simple!
– Carol Hannah to Logan

I just have to be Speedy Gonzales! – Gordana

I'm don't really know what Shirin is making. I'm not sure Shirin really knows what Shirin is making. – Carol Hannah

This is 1999 in the costume department, as an ice skating Halloween outfit! – Tim to Christopher

You and Christopher, your both thinking about this… she comes out in a pumpkin and pops out! – Tim to Althea

Good God! Talk about deja vu! – Tim to Nicholas

thinking this looks like Guinevere meets Vampira… This looks like
student work… Looks like it's for a 16-year-old's really bad prom.

Tim to Shirin

I'm 99% sure that by the time I leave her, I'm going to have sewn through my finger. – Carol Hannah

my friend! Who's really hot! It's distracting. I'm like the only person
this would happen to. I'm blushing.
– Carol Hannah has a crush!

Everyone seems like they're going nuts. People are slowing starting to like break down and crack. – Irina

Considering that Bob Mackie is my idol, I really can't choke on this one! – Nicholas

Hannah, the little one, the blonde, annoys the sh*t out of me. She's so
mediocre. I just feel like if you're mediocre, just at least have like
a great personality.
– Irina. Wow.

Irina's actually a really good
designer. The only problem with her is that she's a bitch.
– Nicholas

My point of view is a
little odd and a little different. With a bustier and sparkle panties,
you can't ask for anything more.
– Christopher

Anything that could go wrong with me this challenge, is going wrong with me this challenge. – Gordana. Lucky she has immunity!

me, I see like an upscale witch Halloween dress. There needs to be like
a pointy black hat and a broom and it would be a perfect Halloween
– Heidi to Shirin

I think the back looks really nice on her bum. – Heidi to Althea

I am worried that everything that I've seen here is something that's
been done and seen before.
– Welcome back, Nina! Telling it like it is!
Where is the talent this season?!

I wouldn't put that on a chorus girl behind the star. – Bob Mackie to Christopher

It's giving me cave woman a little, with the sleeves cut off. – Christina

That was very unfortunate. – Nina on Shirin

It looked like the road company of the PussyCat Dolls! – Bob Mackie

Put diamonds on the crotch and you're homefree! – Bob Mackie

Until next week!

– Hayley Wells

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  1. Nicolas has his silly “ombre of macrame” chant in the Avant Garde Swim Team Challenge, so even that doesn’t count as a first.
    Lameage. I’ve officially branded these episodes as the “Lifetime Of Disappointment” Season.


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