Project Runway Season 6 Episode 5: Johnny, YOU LIE! Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode.


Is it just me or is this season really boring thus far? I don't know if
it's the casting, the challenges, the editing or the lack of our two
favorite judges, but there is just really nothing to get excited
about. Again, we had a straight forward challenge– make a dress out of
newspaper. Tim Gunn weighed in on Johnny's bad design and tried to help him,
and Johnny made another crappy dress, and then lied about it. The most
exciting part of the episode wasn't even Nicholas calling Johnny out on
the runway– it was Tim calling Johnny out after his departure! If Tim
is vocal, he must be mad. And if Tim is mad, something must be wrong.

Tommy Hilfiger, Zoe Glassner, and Eva Longoria (celebrity judges
aren't even a big deal anymore) delivered our bottom and top three,
along with Heidi, who has quickly become the funniest person on the
show. What has become of Nina and Michael? There is a serious deficit of snark
without them. So in the bottom was Johnny, whose dress was too easy to
make and not exciting. Gordana, who has a great attitude, was in the
bottom because her dress was too wearable– but come on, she made
a convincing dress out of paper! And Nicholas's punk ode was judged
boring and ugly. On top was again Althea, who made a gorgeous and
wearable patterned sheath. Irina created a paper trench with voluminous
sleeve and collar detail. And finally, Christopher was in the top again
with his soft-and-hard corset and feathered ball skirt. Irina took it
home this week, despite some of the other designers' misgivings. The
win was deserved, but I'm not sure we're going to see Irina stick
around 'til the end. She seems a little fragile.

Well, hopefully next week
we'll see some real drama. Anyone else ready to witness a nervous breakdown
or a cat-fight of old-style PR proportions?

Project_Runway_6_5_Irina The Winner – Irina

Project_Runway_6_5_Christopher Christopher – runner up

Project_Runway_6_5_Gordana Gordana – not so good

Project_Runway_6_5_Nicolas Nicholas – almost out!

Project_Runway_6_5_Johnny Johnny – "You are out!"

Finally, your memorable quotes:

Our material is newspaper. Um, yeah. I'm speechless.
– Nicholas

have three minutes to collect all the paper and everyone else is going
insane grabbing stacks and stacks of paper, and I'm like what are you
guys doing? You're dressing a human, not an elephant!
– Irina

This does not look pretty to me. – Carol Hannah

have never worked with newspaper before, I don't know to work with
newspaper, I have never sewn newspaper. So. Basically right now, I'm
thinking that I'm going home tomorrow and it's not a very good feeling.
I seriously have no idea what I'm doing.
– Nicholas

I'm gonna like shellac her into this dress. – Shirin

I don't think I've ever really met a small woman like that, that makes so much noise. – Logan    

I feel like I'm groping this mannequin. – Shirin

know we are kinda like the same age but it just makes me feel like I'm
forty around her. It's like she turns into this, like, 11 year old kid
who will just not shut up.
– Nicholas

I'm sitting next to Johnny and
for the whole time that he was draping his garment, I keep looking over
at it and I'm in a little bit of shock. It is just awful and this is
just some wrinkled up paper with pig's blood all over it.
– Nicholas

I am woeful Johnny, because right now, it looks like a craft project
gone awry. It looks like a bunch of kindergartners did it.
– Tim

It may look like the birds attacked the dress! – Tim

He just starts spewing this whole sob story about how the whole thing
was ruined by a steamer, like this mysterious steamer accident– we
didn't even have a steam in the sewing room that day!
– Nicholas

We find out that Johnny had made up this lie. So basically Johnny tore
up his first dress just because Tim Gunn came and said it was pretty
– Shirin

A majority of the designers are really sick of the whole Johnny
attitude, the lack of passion that he puts into his designs, and the
lack of time spent on it.
– Christopher

I finish my dress and then I realize that not only do I have to get it on my model, I have to get it off my mannequin. – Carol Hannah

Althea, I see her glancing at me with these sorta weird eyes, so I
don't know what that's all about but I don't even really want to know.

– Irina

We gon' git her hurr did. – Johnny

It's like giving birth! – Christopher

Johnny thinks very highly of himself and the dress that he is about to
send down the runway. I hope the judges tear him apart for it.


Nicholas's design is pretty stupid. It's definitely not punk rock– it's, I don't know, stump rock. It's dinosaur chic. – Johnny

Honestly, I don't like it. – Johnny on his own design

But I'm not making excuses! I'm really not! – Johnny (Yeah right.)

I also am not loving the way it's put together. It looks like she's going to "work". – Heidi

I felt like you were trying to take us somewhere and, you know, I was going there with you. – Zoe Glassner

Is there more to this story that you want to tell us? – Heidi

It was just tacky. – Heidi

Until next week!

– Hayley Wells

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