Project Runway Season 6 Episode 10: Michael's Challenge. Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode.


This episode was so miserably boring that I seriously considered that I might just be over the show in general. That I maybe should hand the reviewing over to somebody else because, after six seasons, I just didn't like Project Runway anymore. But, no, I still watch old episodes and really enjoy it. This season is just bad. Sorry, Lifetime, I was ready to jump on board, and you left me to drown in a sea of boredom.

So next I considered writing this week's recap entirely as an ode to the guest judge, Milla Jovovich, who is beautiful and talented to be sure, but who also seems smart, funny and cool to boot. But I will refrain.


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Basically, here's what went down. The challenge was to use one of Michael Kors' inspiration sites as your own inspiration, like Greece, St. Tropez, New York, Hollywood, etc., and design a garment for the locale. This could have been exciting, but we saw a bunch of safe garments and basic designs. I was officially bored about 15 minutes into the episode. I prefer watching Models of the Runway to the actual show. That's bad, Lifetime! Bad! Literally, after the designers went to Mood, nothing happened. No wait, Irina was kind of bitchy. That was it.

So, to the runway, I guess. Even Heidi's snarky banter couldn't relieve the boredom of this episode. Solely Althea was safe, with her shorts and blouse look for St. Tropez. Logan's simple separates inspired by Hollywood landed him in the bottom, along with Nicholas who made grey menswear pants that were totally inappropriate for Greece. Also in the bottom was Christopher, who's Sante Fe look was lame. In the top was Carol Hannah, who had a great green print for her Palm Beach maxi dress, but even the pretty detailing work she did looked just like something Uli Herzner would have given us seasons ago. Gordana, despite her lack of confidence, landed in the top with a great handmade necklace and simple grey dress for her upscale New York look. And Irina rounded out the top again with her Aspen look that was complex but also a little retro.

Irina won, again, even though I think her look was decidedly dated. And Nicholas went home, even though his outfit was perfectly tailored. I think it might have been Christopher's time to go. He really hasn't done anything interesting in the past few weeks. Oh well.

So, here's the big question: can this season be salvaged? It has been unfathomably mediocre so far. However, the best part of this week's episode were the scenes from next week… maybe that means there are good things in store? There are only a few episodes left! Was the season always going to be a failure because it aired so late after filming? Will future seasons bounce back? I'm not so sure I'll be watching them. How about you– does Project Runway still have you hooked? 

Irina – The Winner!

Carol Hannah




Christopher – saved by the belt!

Nicolas – You're out!

Here are your memorable quotes:

He'll be like, I wanna like it but I just don't! – Christopher imitating Michael

I'm definitely surprised Christopher is still here. I mean, his dress looks like something like an Amish woman would wear. – Irina

Nicholas kind of went off in his own world on this one. – Logan

Definitely this girl is a character. She doesn't ski. It's like a little girl playing the grand dame of Aspen and it's cool, I like it. – Milla

But, quite simply, I don't think that anyone who has ever thought about the American West would get that from this look. – MK

I would live in that dress. Love it. At home glamour. – Milla

That's a pinstripe in Palm Beach, that print. Literally. Trust me. – MK about Carol Hannah's pattern

I think you got the wrong Greece! I think you got Grease the movie with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John! – MK

They're clothes. They're not fashion. – MK on Logan's separates

Unwearable. For me, unwearable. – Heidi on Christopher

I was surprised that someone who could make a belt that's so cool would make the rest of that outfit so, kind of, a fad. – Milla on Christopher

It was just ugly. – Heidi on Christopher

My big question is, you walked into Mood and you were like, Oh! grey menswear fabric, Oh that's what's talking to me! – MK

Nothing says Greece more than grey menswear! – Milla

Well listen, if this was called Project I Didn't Mind It, then he would win. – Milla on Logan

Jeans and a t-shirt doesn't cut it. – Milla

I don't know how you guys do it every week! – Milla, emotional about sending Nicholas home. Ugh, she's nice. She could maybe save the season?

Until next week…

– Hayley Wells

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