Project Runway Season 12 Episode 6 – Let's Go Glamping: Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project_Runway_12_6_pr12-ep6-episode1 Last night’s Project Runway episode 6 started out differently – with Tim in a camo-print suit. The designers had a second to guess what was going on, and then Heidi and Tim informed them: a “glamping” trip. The designers had 30 minutes to pack before they were sent to the woods for a night of camping. When the designers arrived at the camp site, it was clear that this was not a standard family camping trip; it was more reminiscent of a vintage outdoor living space, complete with huge canvas tents, a perfectly constructed fire pit and served gourmet meals. It looked beautiful and refreshing. Hammocks connected tall trees together and a stream drifted nearby. Basically, it was the perfect place to gather inspiration. And that’s just what it was! Tim was there to give them the challenge: A high fashion, editorial look inspired by anything they did that day, whether that was the trees, nature or the activities they were about to experience. I’ve been loving these more loosely defined challenges! Designers aren’t as pressured and get a more creative freedom that way.
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 6 remaining designers
The designers went kayaking, zip-lining, and made s’mores. Everyone was loving the outdoor getaway. They began sketching right away. But they couldn’t stay there forever – the next day, the designers headed back to the city to go to Mood and get to work. The designers – even Ken! – were much more quiet in the workroom. The camping trip seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.
Designer glamping
It wasn’t long before Tim came to check in on everyone. It’s interesting to see what the designers do when they’re given more creative freedom.  They came up with  a variety of looks. Some designers, like Alexander and Miranda, made long, dramatic gowns. Others, like Dom and Jeremy, opted for more lightweight dresses. Justin had an unusual idea to use hot glue to create a lace technique, which looked whimsical and pretty at first. But as the show went on, he questioned the amount of the lace he should add to his garment, and it was just too much. To create an intriguing and special look, he should have scaled it back. Bradon also tried an interesting technique with thread on fabric; the thread almost looked like it was scribbled on with colored pencils. Again, it looked pretty up close, but a little messy from afar. Tim thought it was distracting, so Bradon limited it to a type of bib collar for his dress.
Judges Allison Williams, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum
Time in the workroom sped by, and suddenly the models were walking down the runway. This week, Girls actress Allison Williams was the guest judge. Did anyone else feel a little bored while watching the runway this week? None of the pieces really caught my interest. Kate’s short tulle dress with the strappy leather top was fun and reminiscent of a moth, and Dom’s longer dress really did look like water. But the top three were Jeremy, Alexander, and Alexandria. The bottom three were Ken, Karen, and Justin.  Alexandria who create an updated denim jacket and dropped crotch pant was the winner. I was surprised; her camping-wear inspiration was great and the pants were a success, but there seemed to be some weird fit issues with the jacket. Justin was voted off – another surprise! Justin at least tried something innovative with his lace technique, while Ken created a simple and badly designed cocktail dress, and Karen created a basic ombre dyed sack dress. In an emotional turn of events, Tim used his “save,” so Justin will be staying on the show! It was pretty incredible to see how close the designers have gotten, but I hope everyone steps up their game in the coming weeks!
Alexandria, “You are the winner of this challenge!”
Jeremy’s Design
Alexander’s Design
Ken’s Design
Karen’s Design
Justin, “You are out!” But “You are saved by Tim Gunn”
  Memorable Quotes: “This is about as outdoorsy as I get.” – Tim “Let me correct myself: It’s a ‘glamping’ trip.” – Tim “Worst case scenario we can use our own blood.” – Kate “Designers, this workroom seems like a more tranquil place!” – Tim “I’m glad we didn’t wake up to a bear at the campfire though – “ – Ken “Or a tiger!” – Alexander “I’ve spent an hour just sharpening this pencil.” – Alexander “So it’s an ombre bark.” – Tim “It’s like an nighgown.” – Bradon “You can wear it after my model. I think you would look fabulous in it.” – Justin “When they’re together, it’s like the witches of Eastwick.” – Alexander “I don’t know what’s going on, but that’s a hot static mess.” – Bradon “It’s just a big ole’ mumu.” – Heidi “I wrote on my card – I said ‘frog queen’” – Zac “It looks like she went camping and got bit by a raccoon who had rabies.” – Zac Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Tanisha Wallis Photos: Lifetime

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