Project Runway Season 12 Episode 3 – An Unconventional Coney Island: Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

pr12-ep3-Coney_Island_episode3 In yet another twist, episode three of Project Runway Season Twelve began with Heidi making house calls – at 5:30 a.m. She woke up the designers by surprising them in their hotel rooms. Then, she announced they were heading to Coney Island. The designers met Tim at the infamous boardwalk, where they were given this week’s challenge. They were split into teams of two and had to gather adjectives from theme park goers describing the new Yoplait frozen yogurt. They were then to use three of those adjectives to inspire their designs – which were to be made out of prizes that they won from the boardwalk’s games. The teams got to work talking to guests and winning stuffed animals and miscellaneous objects, balloon animals and other items such as sombreros. pr12-ep3-designers_episode20 The designers got right to work back in the workroom. Some design teams, like Kate and Helen, clicked right away. They ended up winning sombreros, which they sculpted into a form-fitting dress that looked like a work of art. Other teams, however, didn’t fare so well. As expected, tensions grew and drama ensued. Sue and Sandro faced disagreements about the design of their dress, which Sandro – surprise, surprise – turned into an argument. The duo wound up reaching an understanding when Sue agreed to act as Sandro’s assistant, but she lost some of her design integrity in the process. Sandro’s weekly unprofessional, disrespectful arguments are already getting repetitive! The biggest problem was between Miranda and Timothy. Their design aesthetics just didn’t click. Miranda was uncertain about the design even though Timothy supported it. In the end, Miranda couldn’t seem to handle the pressure of pushing through the disagreements to find a solution.
Judges Kelly Osbourne, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum
Just as the designers were reaching an understanding, it was time for the runway show. Kelly Osborne, co-host of Fashion Police was the guest judge. The top two teams were Kate and Helen, along with Dom and Alexandria’s fun sweater dress design that included the face of one of their monster stuffed animal prizes. The bottom two teams were Miranda and Timothy – their design was boring and lacked unity – and Alexander and Justin, whose design was a bit over the top. In the end, Helen, who has already come a long way since last week’s disastrous dress, won. It was well deserved; she seemed to be in a much better place, and she learned a lot about time management and structure from Kate. Plus, her ideas in forming the artistic structure of the dress won the judges over. Miranda and Timothy’s disjointed design was at the very bottom, and Timothy was sent home. Hopefully he and Miranda have learned a lesson about working in a team.
pr12-ep3-Kate_and Helen_win_26
Kate and Helen’s Design. “Helen, You are the winner of this challenge!”
Alexandria and Dom’s Design
pr12-ep3_Alexander and Justin-29
Alexander and Justin’s Design
pr12-ep3-Miranda and Timothy_out_30
Miranda and Timothy’s Design. “Timothy, you are out!”
Memorable Quotes: “What the hell are we gonna make out of this?” – Alexander “I kind of feel like all I ever do is design clothes made from toys.” – Timothy “Can your model ride the unicorn down the runway?” – Kate “I’ve never seen so much flotsom and jetsom in my entire life!” – Tim “You know what Tim Gunn said about our dress? That it looks like a Disney princess and a hospital gown.” – Miranda “She has seaweed on her bum. It just looks like a hot mess.” – Zach “It’s like seapunk skipper.” – Zach “It looks like you sat on a pool toy, and it deflated.” – Zach “It looks like a life vest, and she’s sinking.” – Zach Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Tanisha Wallis Photos: Lifetime

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