Project Runway, Season 11 Episode 10: The Art of Fashion. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 10
The competition is down to six designers! The new teams are Stanley and Michelle, Richard and Patricia, and Layana and Daniel. Tim meets the designers at the Guggenheim Museum to explain the HP and Intel challenge. He introduces the designers to new technology that is both a PC and a tablet. The Guggenheim Museum is the inspiration for this week’s challenge. Each team is going to create a wearable avant-garde art piece with a companion look that is commercial and wearable. They use the computers to look up inspiration from the Guggenheim’s archives. The designers also have time to explore the museum and sketch.
Designers at the Guggenheim Museum on HP computers.
Back in the design room, the designers create prints on the HP computers. Their files are downloaded and sent to the print maker. Tim announced that there is an added incentive to win this challenge! The winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize and an HP Envy X 2 computer.
Judges Tracy Reese, Nina Garcia, Rachel Roy and Heidi Klum
Fashion designer Tracy Reese is the guest judge and designer Rachel Roy is filling in for Zac Posen again this week. The winning team is Stanley and Michelle and Stanley is declared the winner! He also receives $10,000 and a new computer. The pair is certainly on fire, as Michelle won the Lord & Taylor challenge last week. Even though the judges didn’t like Layana’s creation, she and Daniel are safe. That makes Patricia and Richard the losing team. Sadly, Richard is sent home.
Stanley, “You are the winner of this challenge!”
Richard, “You are out!”
Memorable Quotes: “If you’re a museum junkie like I am, this is like Toys R Us to a kid.” –Stanley “I want to play with madness.” –Michelle “It’s not going to be that kind of party for this look.” –Richard “Winning $10,000? I would lose my mind!” –Richard “He was scared with my piece! Good, he should feel something.” –Patricia “Richard is just making a bracelet! Patricia is too nice.” –Michelle “Just let it go, let it flow.” –Tim “If two people ever had a make it work moment, it’s you right now.” –Tim “If this look was graded on a scale of 1-100, this look is at a 12.” –Tim “I don’t know where this cloud of doom and gloom is coming from.” –Daniel “I need to stop the camera and get some oxygen because I’m so frustrated; I’m literally passing out right now!” –Richard “Our broken down debutante isn’t going anywhere but the runway, if she can fit through the scrim.” –Stanley “Your team’s taste level is of the utmost!” –Rachel “You didn’t have to throw in the kitchen sink here.” –Nina “I don’t think even Mattel would accept this dress for a Barbie.” –Rachel “Stanny won! I’m super excited, overjoyed, and proud.” -Stanley Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Claire Mykrantz Photos: Lifetime

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