Project Runway Season 10 Episode 8: Starving Artist. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 8
This week’s Project Runway began the same as last week, with nine designers. Since no one was sent home last week, Christopher, the winner of last week’s challenge, was quite irate, while Gunnar, the last man standing, so to speak, was quite relieved to be given a chance to redeem himself. The designers met with Heidi only to be given a vague clue about the upcoming challenge, including that they would need to use their creativity as well as their negotiation skills, they were then sent to learn more from Tim. The designers found Tim Gunn in the workroom-turned-craft room. Table tops were strewn with glitter and crafting supplies and Tim informed the designers that they would not be given money for Mood this week, instead they had to make money on the street anyway they could (legally) in order to get fabric and supplies for this week’s challenge…But before the designers hit the streets with their homemade crafts, they were divvied up into teams. Gunnar, Christopher and Sonjia; Melissa, Fabio and Ven; and Alicia, Dmitry and Elena were the three teams and everyone who wasn’t on Elena’s team was relieved to have missed the chance of working with her. The teams were given a few hours to create t-shirts, cloth bags, accessories and other such wares and then were sent to the streets of New York to quickly hawk their goods and make as much money as they could. While the designers didn’t think they’d be able to make much, at the end, each team came away with a range of dollars amounting from $500 to $800 to spend at Mood. The teams were then told they needed to create two fall looks, one of which would need to feature outerwear. For a team challenge, the designers seemed to be working quite well together, all but Alicia, Dmitry and Elena, that is. Dmitry and Elena’s dramatic personalities dominated poor Alicia who was much too quiet and easy going to make much of an impact on the team and Dmitry and Elena could not meet eye-to-eye on what the two piece collection should be.
Judges Anna Sui, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum
When the end results hit the runway, it was easy to see that Gunnar, Christopher and Sonjia had the winning collection. Their sharp and sophisticated jackets were well made and luxurious and Gunnar’s dresses were cool and modern and tied the pieces together. While it was difficult to pick a winner, Sonjia’s green wool, jacket took the prize and gave her immunity for next week’s challenge. The other teams’ two looks were both deemed losers. Melissa, Fabio and Ven’s look wasn’t challenged and looked cheap, even though they had the most money to work with. Their tops were ill fitting as were the cut and fit of the pants. It was no surprise that Alicia, Dmitry and Elena were in the bottom as well. Their lack of teamwork resulted in three pieces that did not work well together and an unfortunate fringed shawl that seemed to make everything worse. While it was obvious that Alicia and Elena were the judges’ least favorite, Elena at least defended her garment and fought to be saved. Alicia didn’t fight for anything and was sent packing
Gunnar, Christopher and Sonjia’s designs. Sonjia, “You are the winner of this challenge.”
Melissa, Fabio and Ven’s Designs
Alicia, Dmitry and Elena’s Designs. Alicia, “you’re out!”
Memorable Quotes: “I don’t like sparkle, I don’t like glitter, I don’t like any of that S@#t. Elena “What did I do in my last life to deserve this?” –Dmitry on learning Elena is on his team “These are the most homeless looking tees, who’s going to wear them?” –Sonjia “We’ll be lucky if we make a couple of dollars.” –Dmitry “We’re going to have legs like a Hungarian shot-put at the end of this season.” –Christopher “They’re like Boris and Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle.”  –Christopher “Christopher’s robe-thingy looks like an ugly ass Snuggie.” –Elena “To kill the witch we need a silver bullet and a wooden stick.” –Dmitry “This certainly didn’t work as a team challenge for you guys.” –Nina “I think the shawl, although well-made, was old lady.” –Nina “I mean I’m falling asleep over these two pieces.” –Michael “Something should’ve been in that crotch that a girl doesn’t have.” –Michael “She should have Kleenex in her pocket.” –Michael “Thank god she’s got that clutch bag to cover up her crotch.” –Michael “Maybe you being nice to each other is what made this not work.” –Anna Sui “Elena, you wake up mad.” –Dmitri “Excuse me, but that coat looked like it was sewn with her feet.” –Michael “It’s a dirndl that you could wear to a bar hall.” –Michael “I’m so glad I’m not out there right now; I don’t want to be in the middle of the shit-fest.” –Gunnar Check out our favorite site devoted to Project Runway: Blogging Project Runway! –Bonnie J Brown Photos: Lifetime

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