Project Runway Season 10 Episode 4: Women On The Go. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 4 Designers
  With last week’s episode of Project Runway ending with a missing designer, it was no surprise that this episode would be insane! The designers woke up in their apartment to find that there was one more empty bed than there should have been and Andrea was no where to be found. It was announced that she left in the middle of the night and decided to terminate her position in the competition. Although Christopher felt somewhat responsible for her premature departure, the rest of the crew seemed kind of pissed that she would waste such an opportunity. Regardless, the show must go on, and it did. This week’s challenge brought them to Michael Kors’ store where the designers sought inspiration to create a single look for a woman on the go while still incorporating their style aesthetic.
Tim Gunn and Michael Kors
The designers were still shaken up by the events of the past 24 hours, but held it together long enough to head to Mood to find fabrics. However, everyone seemed to notice that Kooan was not being himself. He was quiet and distant from the rest of the group, two things that were unusual for the quirky designer. Once back in the workroom, the designers could not get started until they talked about the Andrea situation and it was during this time that things got even crazier. Kooan announced that he no longer wanted to be in the competition and he would be leaving immediately. Tears welled up in the eyes of several competitors as some begged him not to go, but his mind was made up and Tim Gunn escorted him out. However, tears turned to excitement when Raul (who was eliminated last week) was brought back into the competition. Well, everyone was excited except for Ven. Things slowly came into place for most the designers once they started focusing on their challenge, but it was clear that Buffi was having an extremely hard time as was Raul. From the beginning Buffi’s look just did not meet the requirements of the challenge. It didn’t make sense at all and I’m not sure what kind of woman on the go would wear her look. And Raul’s lack of skill and inability to style really killed his outfit.
Rachel Roy, Hayden Panettiere, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum Judging
Once the looks were on the runway, the judge’s faces said it all. This week the panel was joined by guest judges, Hayden Panettiere and Rachel Roy. Sonjia, Christopher and Dmitry had phenomenal pieces. The judges were in awe that Christopher could create a dress with a leather jacket with only $150. Dmitry wowed them with his refined sewing ability, but they said he lacked the glamour factor. And Sonjia’s look was versatile, glamourous and hit the nail on the head when it came to the challenge’s requirements. All of these aspects are what allowed Sonjia to win this week’s challenge! On the other end of things, Fabio, Buffi and Raul weren’t in such good shape. Although this was Raul’s second chance to prove himself he fell short. His skills were just not up to par. Fabio’s look failed to inspire the panel. They said that for someone with such strong personal style, his look was just plain boring. But unskilled and boring seemed to meet the cut this week because it was Buffi and her poorly created zebra smock thing that were sent home. 
Sonjia, “You are the winner of this challenge!”
Christopher’s Design
Dmitry’s Design
Fabio’s Design
Raul’s Design
Buffi, “You are out!”
  Memorable Quotes:   “Fashion is not for sissies.” -Michael Kors “Everyone seems to be dropping like flies. It’s a little bit mad.” -Buffi “I’m back, bitches!” -Raul “You’re a lucky ho” -Christopher “I think Raul has no point of view to be honest. Everything he does is a mess. He needs to go home again.” -Ven “I see her fish whistle from here.” -Christopher “I just don’t know who’s going anywhere in a felt skirt.” -Sonjia “Oh my God, this is a freaking disaster!” -Nathan “It looks like a hairdresser smock.” -Michael Kors “Well the hem is cukoo too.” -Michael Kors “That crotch looks — cukoo!” -Hayden Panettiere and Michael Kors  “I think of you as being the season 10 hostess.” -Tim Gunn “I’m going to be even more crazy and tacky and glittery and colorful — more than I was before.” -Buffi Check out our favorite site devoted to Project Runway: Blogging Project Runway –Jamie Wilson

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