Project Runway Season 10 Episode 3: Welcome Back (Or Not) To The Runway. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway Season 10 Episode3 Designers
This third episode of Project Runway had the designers out of their comfort zone and working in pairs. The added stress of sharing a work load and creative space with another contestant really put the pressure on the remaining competitors. The goal: create a red carpet ready outfit. Simple enough? Not quite. The duos (some more dynamic than others) had to not only create a look for the red carpet but also incorporate the color of the Lexus they were assigned. But wait, we’re only scratching the surface of this challenge. This time, they would be designing looks for Project Runway veterans of seasons past, and the winner would get to accompany their prized design to the Emmy’s where it would have its debut.
Lexus Dealer and Tim Gunn
After partners were assigned, everyone claimed they were going to put aside whatever differences they had to work towards a common goal – easier said than done. Once back in the workroom, things began to unravel at a rapid pace, especially for partners Buffi and Elena. From the get-go, Elena was barking orders at Buffi and getting overly frustrated when things were not completed in the blink of an eye (reality check: Elena, if it were that easy, the show would be no fun). But before things could simmer down, they had to boil over. Elena reached her maximum and stormed out of the studio for a little quiet time and a smoke while a hungry Buffi was on the verge of giving up. I guess the cigarette break worked its magic because when Elena came back she lightened the mood and was able to actually work with Buffi instead of wanting to send her through the sewing machine. On the other hand, admiration for his partner, Andrea, quickly transformed into annoyance for Christopher. Her inability to work efficiently and her tendency to laugh things off really took its toll on him. The frustration grew more apparent on his face with every stitch as he couldn’t find the right words to push her progress along. And for a change, Gunnar didn’t have much to say to Christopher as his attention was focused on trying not to kill his model, former competitor, Irina. The remaining partners for the most part put aside their issues to complete the task. The only two that didn’t really have issues with each other were Melissa and Dmitry. I can’t say the same for their silk charmeuse fabric.
Judges Krysten Ritter, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum
When all was spoken for in the workroom, it would be the runway that had the final say. This week, the panel was accompanied by actress, Krysten Ritter from the show, “The B in Apartment 23.” In the end, couples Fabio and Ven and Gunnar and Kooan (surprised?) scored the highest while Andrea and Christopher and Raul and Alicia were in the bottom. The judges thought that Gunnar and Kooan’s dramatic white gown worn by Irina would be something that could be seen on the red carpet. For Fabio and Ven’s look worn by Kenley, they thought that it was well designed, had great fabric and suited the model but weren’t sure if it would stand out very much at the Emmy’s. Although Ven was granted immunity, it was his signature aesthetic that allowed him to steal the challenge for a second week in a row!  For the lowest scores, Christopher and Andrea’s evaluation quickly turned into a “he said, she said” Dr. Phil therapy session. Christopher, frustrated and disgusted by his dress didn’t hold back as he told the panel about his experience with Andrea. She attempted to defend herself and split the responsibility of the failure between them both but was no match for Christopher’s tearful meltdown. I mean, they did say the dress looked like a Halloween costume. In the end, it was just enough to keep a visibly shaken up Christopher around for another week. The judges thought that Raul and Alicia’s ill-fitting dress showed no effort. They were mainly disappointed that these two designers specializing in menswear didn’t play to their strengths. Although the two shared responsibility for the dress disaster, not making a suit was a definite mistake on their judgment as Raul was sent to clean up his work space. 
“Ven, You are the winnner!” Fabio and Ven’s Design
Gunnar and Kooan’s design
Andrea and Christopher’s Design
Raul and Alicia’s Design. “Raul, you are out!’
Memorable Quotes: “I think Ven could be a one trick pony. You can’t always make pretty.” -Raul “I really hope it’s Heidi because I want to dress her up! She’s like a life-size Barbie.” -Gunnar “This is winner. Hello?!” -Kooan “When it comes to fashion, I’m kind of a controlling bitch.” -Gunnar “I can’t tell if it’s arrogance or confusion. I just want to smack her!” -Gunnar “I think it’s borderline vulgar.” -Tim Gunn “I don’t even want to deal with her. I wanted Kenley.” -Gunnar “I’m so nervous, I’m going to throw up!” -Christopher “I didn’t realize she was that much of a psycho.” -Buffi “She’s older, I don’t want to be like ‘Hurry up woman!'” -Christopher “She could go to church in that dress and no one would think twice.” -Sonjia “I hate the f***ing red carpet!” -Raul “I’m going to go kill myself in the bathroom with my bias gown.” -Christopher “Honey, I love you. Sew the skirt!” -Christopher “When I see my garment on the runway, it’s a mess.” -Raul “Just looking at the dress is driving me crazy. I just want to eliminate myself!” -Kooan “I think that this looks like a Halloween costume that you can get at a drugstore.” -Krysten “You need to hit some of that gold or else she’s literally like a walking Hersey bar.” -Michael Kors “Cheesy — it was cheesy.” -Nina Garcia “Stupid red carpet. I HATE it!” -Raul Check out our favorite site devoted to Project Runway: Blogging Project Runway! –Jamie Wilson Photos: Lifetime  

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