Project Runway Season 10 Episode 2: Candy Couture. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 2 Designers
With 15 designers left, the second episode of Project Runway began with the remaining contestants in need of a major pick-me-up after waking up to a rather groggy start (by the way, did anyone catch that cloak thing Elena was wearing?) Luckily their challenge of the week revolved around creating an outfit out of candy. That’s where guest judge, Dylan Lauren, came in handy as she opened her store, Dylan’s Candy Bar, to the designers to choose their materials. Licorice, gum-balls, jelly beans and other items were tossed around the store as the designers made use of their 30 minutes to pick materials for their unconventional materials challenge. When time was up and everyone returned to the workroom, it was once again apparent who was the weakest competitor. Christopher so kindly pointed out for us that although Lantie would have something completed, it would not be on the same level as everyone else’s designs.
Tim Gunn and Dylan Lauren at Dylan’s Candy Bar
During Tim Gunn’s critique, he seemed rather pleased with everyone’s progress except for – Andrea. The self proclaimed Grandma of Project Runway was just not “wowing” Tim with her candy apron. He pointed out that her execution was sloppy and the idea was simply underwhelming. Taking Tim’s words to heart, Andrea cut up her apron after a slight meltdown in front of the cameras and then seconds later regretted it. After regaining her composure, she decided to screw Tim’s advice and go with her gut. Aside from Andrea’s troubles, Lantie and Elena also struggled with this challenge. Lantie could not seem to create anything with the candy and laptop covers that she purchased at the store. It wasn’t that she didn’t have ideas, she just failed miserably at the execution part. Then there’s poor Elena who’s structured piña colada Twizzler dress gave her hell.  With less than an hour left before 1 a.m. Elena got into a hot and sticky situation with her glue gun and ended up burning her legs. She didn’t handle that added surprise too well. Now onto the projects that most certainly did not lack that wow factor. Sanjia set out to create a candied dress out of an assortment of gum-balls, jellybeans, Jordan almonds and candy sharks. Together her look took on the appearance of sea glass with different gradients of blue as well as the variety of textures. Another strong design came from the ever confident Ven. His dress was created out of licorice and crushed candy that resembled a stain-glass window. Melissa’s licorice creation was so well crafted it actually began to look like black leather, and let’s not leave out Nathan with his 20 lb skirt! Oh and how could I possibly forget Kooan when referring to the wow factor. His outfit seemed to explode with candy and color even if he did have an issue with disappearing cotton candy. Obviously this episode recap would just not be complete if I didn’t mention Gunnar and Christopher’s antics. The tension only increased with the two as Gunnar continued to throw bitchy glances at Christopher (especially when his design came down the runway) and Christopher continued to maintain his distance from his so-called evil twin. But seriously what is up with Gunnar’s laugh?!
Judges Dylan Lauren, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum
Once the models were dressed and fully styled, the candy couture creations took to the runway. The judges were pleased with Gunnar’s Twizzler dress complete with a peplum, but he was no match for Ven and Sanjia who were each other’s biggest competition. They loved Sanjia’s sea-glass inspired design, but it was Ven and his stain glass creation that came out on top (but of course he already predicted his own win). However, Elena, Lantie and Buffi stood on the chopping block. Elena’s structured dress looked like a football player wearing noodles; her design was just not flattering. To the judges, Buffi’s dress looked like something a five-year-old would wear to a party, but in the end it was Lantie, her umbrella outfit and her bag of excuses that were sent packing. After all, she didn’t even really use candy in the design, so I can’t say that I’m sad about this elimination.
Ven, “You are the winner of this challenge!”
Sanjia’s Design
Gunnar’s Design
Elena’s Design
Buffi’s Design
Lanti, “You are out!”
Memorable Quotes:  “Kids and sweets — ugh. That’s just not for me.” -Dmitry “How much is a chocolate boyfriend — can I have one?” -Christopher “This is a glue the $h!t out of it moment!” -Tim Gunn “I feel like he’s the evil twin and I’m the nice twin.” -Christopher “Turn the camera off. I don’t want to be on camera.” -Andrea “I just want to puke from the smell of piña colada stringy thingies.” -Elena “I’m just going to say ‘Babe, I’m really sorry. Can you just sit outside and make friends?’” – Buffi “He’s so weird. He just started off the competition all bitchy and now he’s like ‘AHAHAHA!’” -Christopher   “But why are you wearing hoochie shorts to work?” -Christopher “OH MY GOD. My cotton candy is gone!” -Kooan “It looked like florescent bird dookie.” -Nathan “I’d play twister on her.” -Christopher “I mean you might have wanted Carrie Bradshaw, but to me she’s like toddlers and tiaras gone berserk!” -Michael Kors “To me she just looked like rigatoni Mad Max.” -Michael Kors “Now her boobs are turning into old man’s eyes and then it’s like the crotch looks like a mustache.” -Michael Kors “You don’t understand, I actually did poop a little bit up there.” -Buffi Check out our favorite site devoted to Project Runway: Blogging Project Runway! –Jamie Wilson Photos: Lifetime

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