Project Runway Season 10 Episode 13: Finale Part 1. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

We’ve seen many designers leave the runway, fall under pressure or just disappear into the middle of the night (remember that little stunt Andrea pulled) on this season of Project Runway. It’s been a long competition and an exciting one to say the least. I can still picture Kooan’s creations and hear Gunnar’s laugh echoing through the workroom. We’ve seen barriers break down between competitors and the worst of enemies become friends. And now we’re down to the final four. This week’s challenge was slightly different. Each of the remaining designers received $9,000 and five weeks to create a collection for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, but Heidi made it clear that not everyone would be guaranteed a spot on the runway. The designer’s left the city to work on their budding creations, but Uncle Tim was not far behind. A few weeks into the process he began to make his rounds to see how each of the four was doing. The first stop was Massapequa, New York to check up on Christopher. Tim marveled at how much Christopher already had done. The inspiration for his design was from an X-ray of his mother’s neck that he then printed onto the fabric. Although Tim told Christopher to stay away from his typical sweetheart neckline, he did like one of the mistakes that was made. While tampering with bleach, the Project Runway hopeful thought he ruined one of his leather pieces, but Tim saw this accident as innovative. So, it stuck. After some Tea and refreshments with the family, Tim was off to see Fabio. When he arrived at Fabio’s place, he was surprised to see all of the lovely pastel fabrics that were being used. There was no questioning that this collection belonged to Fabio – after all, it was called Cosmic Tribalism. Although Tim saw a lot of potential in the collection he did have some qualms on a few pieces and Fabio would not let go of some accessories. In the end Tim knew the judging would come down to personal preference. When Tim’s chat with Fabio and his mother was over, he went to see Dmitry. While looking at Dmitry’s collection there was no doubt about how much skill and craft this designer possessed. His collection was very well polished and definitely channeled some sort of architecture in its design. Even though Tim didn’t like some of the color choice, he thought Dmitry was off to a good start. Last on the itinerary was Melissa. So off Tim went to San Francisco. After having to use color in a few challenges Melissa went back to what she was really comfortable with – black and white. Her collection had some great pieces that stood out, but it was apparent that this was completely “Melissa-esque.” That was something that all of the designers possessed in their collections – a signature look that marked them as a designer. The jet setting wasn’t over yet. It was now time for the final four to return for a crucial runway show. When they all met up again it was great to see their interactions. They weren’t simply competitors anymore they had a stronger bond now. But all of that friend stuff didn’t distract them from the real reason they were all back. After seeing their new work space, they were back to work finishing up the final touches to their collections as well as deciding which three looks they were going to present to the judges. But as usual, it wasn’t that easy. Melissa’s nerves got the best of her once she saw all of the other collections. That little devil of self-doubt started to gnaw at her relentlessly. And when Tim made his final rounds, he left worried for all of them. The next day, the models went through hair and make-up, and got into their garments – it was showtime. One by one the designers had a chance to give a preview of what they had been working on, and it was a frightening experience knowing that they would be judged and potentially sent home.
Judges Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum
As always, the judges had both positive and negative things to say about each collection. They loved Fabio’s use of color and structure, but they wanted him to make it look more expensive. On the other hand, they loved that Dmitry’s pieces looked so expensive but they needed him to work on his styling. Christopher’s X-ray print fabric was a hit, but they also needed him to work on the styling of his pieces. For Melissa, they could immediately identify that this was her collection, but the overall consensus was that the wigs on her models needed to be burned. It was time for the judges (without a guest) to deliberate. The weighed the pros and cons of each collection and made their final decision. No elimination necessary – ALL FOUR OF THE DESIGNERS WOULD BE SHOWING AT FASHION WEEK! 
Christopher’s Designs
Melissa’s Designs
Fabio’s Designs
Dmitry’s Designs
Memorable Quotes: “Now it’s just me and three boys. I gotta kick their ass!” -Melissa “Wow, I’m marveling at how much you have done.” -Tim Gunn “Back to the neckline — sweetheart. It’s too sweet.” -Tim Gunn “Hello, and welcome back to tea time with Tim.” -Christopher “I’m a fabulous dancer.” -Christopher “It’s not the money — lie. I would love the money.” -Fabio “When you’re giving birth to a baby, you don’t want anyone to come into the room and say ‘Oh my God, your baby is ugly.’” -Fabio “I don’t agree with the shoes. I like them clunky and kind of ugly.” -Fabio “I’m baffled and confused.” -Tim Gunn “I hope he’s going to tell me, ‘Bravo Dmitry you’re going to win’” -Dmitry “We all have the same dreams, but I hope I will be the one who wins.” -Dmitry “Slutty.” -Dmitry “They’ll love it or hate it.” -Tim Gunn “I’m concerned about my ass.” -Christopher “It’s been rough.” -Christopher “Crazy, busy, good.” -Dmitry “It’s kind of a schlumpy cool vibe.” -Heidi “I like the demented shoes.” -Michael Kors “It’s like the porridge has to be the right temperature.” -Michael Kors “Style is — it’s everything. It’s everything.” -Michael Kors “Well I hope it doesn’t get any skimpier than this.” -Nina “It’s really goth. It’s very you.” -Heidi “Today! This is it kids.” -Michael Kors “The wigs are insanely ugly. I mean crazy ugly… they’re rough.” -Michael Kors “They look a little Robin Hood to me.” -Nina “They look like zombie women.” -Nina “If you can’t get the wig right, don’t wear it.” -Michael Kors
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–Jamie Wilson
 Photos: Lifetime

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