Project Runway Season 10 Episode 10: I Get A Kick Out Of Fashion. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway Season 10, Episode 10 Tim Gunn with the Radio City Rockettes
As the remaining seven Project Runway designers woke up in their Atlas apartment, they could feel the change in the atmosphere since Gunnar’s elimination. Another thing that stood out to them was that Elena was the only designer who hadn’t won a challenge. With these thoughts circulating through their heads, the designers headed to Radio City Music Hall to hear about their newest challenge. The seven competitors stood in awe as they were greeted by Tim Gunn and the director and choreographer of the Radio City Rockettes, Linda Haberman. This week’s challenge would be to create a costume for the Radio City Rockettes to wear during a show. It had to be glamorous, elegant, versatile and embody a modern aesthetic. After 30 minutes of sketching inside the hall they headed off to Mood to frantically run down aisles and grab as much shiny fabric, zippers and sequins as possible. However, budgeting was a bit harder to Elena this time around as she was $150 over  and had to return some of her items. Nonetheless, she managed to leave Mood with something she could work with.
Project Runway Season 10, Episode 10 remaining designers
Back at the studio, Tim Gunn announced that they would only have until 7:30 p.m. to work on these designs. Quizzical looks quickly turned into smiles when he mentioned that it was because they would be having a “Final Seven” dinner night. At dinner, no one knows for sure what was put in the food, but Dmitry was convinced that what happened around the table was all in the magic of the wine. The dinner turned into somewhat of a therapy session for the designers. The bonafide bitch of this season, Elena, decided to shell her hard exterior and offer up an apology to Dmitry for being so psycho during the majority of the competition. And even arrogant Ven opened up about his lonely childhood, which allowed the others to understand his behavior a bit better. When you got over the shock of it all, it was actually a very sweet moment to witness. On the other end of things, Sonjia, who had been struggling from the beginning, could only think of getting back to the studio. Back in the workroom, the transformations within the designers didn’t stop. It was almost as if the Elena that we’d grown to know this season had really been a changeling and this new Elena was the actual person. The constant stress and anxiety of the competition got to an unhealthy point for her, and she realized that to be healthy she had to loosen up. I still have to admit, it was kind of weird seeing her laugh and smile so much let alone dance around in her costume design. It was a lot to take in.  Christopher and Dmitry worked furiously on their challenges while Sonjia was still stuck on what the hell she was doing with all of the purple feathers she purchased and Melissa seemed in over her head with an 18-piece garment. But it was at that moment, that Tim Gunn came in to save the day! After looking around at the majority of the crappy costumes, he granted the group an additional $100 and a 15-minute trip back to Mood! All of the designers with the exception of Fabio, Dmitry and Ven jumped at the opportunity. While at Mood, a little more Project Runway magic happened when Christopher, without hesitation, gave Melissa $50 to go towards her supplies. It was an incredibly sweet moment. Once the designers got back to work, their looks started to take form – except for Sonjia’s. It was  hard watching her struggle this much with a design, and it was kind of obvious at this point that she would probably be in the bottom three after the runway show. Regardless of the fact that she was way behind, she still had time for a little Skype date with her boyfriend. And it actually did some good. When their call ended, she was motivated and focused but was on a major time crunch. And for more episode magic, I nearly died when I saw Ven help Melissa hand bead her outfit. It was so out of character for the season 10 snob to help anyone that I was left with my jaw hanging. But as always, everyone managed to put something together for the runway show.
Judges Debra Messing,Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum
This time around, the only OK looks were Melissa’s and Fabio’s, the rest were either really great or really sucked. Fabio and his “Xena, Warrior Rockette” racked up enough points to deem him safe. Dmitry, Christopher and Melissa were the top (it was obvious that the competition was really between Dmitry and Christopher) while Ven, Sonjia and Elena were at the bottom. The judges, including guest judge Debra Messing, could not decide if they actually loved or hated Melissa’s look. The longer they stared at it the more confused they got. Dmitry’s background in ballet along with this amazing sewing abilities really gave him an advantage during this challenge. The judges thought that his costume was beautifully made and glamorous. But it was Christopher and his extremely creative homage to New York City costume that stole the competition – he was named the winner! On the darker side of things, Sonjia’s feathers didn’t fly too well with the judges, but it was just enough to save her neck this week. Now it was down to Ven and Elena. Would the judges go with the over designed Vegas cheerleader outfit, or the under designed wedding gown cut short? Well, luck was cheering on Elena’s side this time because she was safe for another week while Ven was sent packing. 
Christopher, “You are the winner of this challenge!”
Ven, “You are out!”
Memorable Quotes: 
“It is a ‘wow’ moment!” -Dmitry “Pow! Rockettes.” -Melissa “I’m dying. I need my inhaler. I can’t breathe.” -Christopher “The way she moves — Oh baby!” -Dmitry “I need a tough-ass f***ing zipper.” -Fabio “I’ve been around you too much. I’m picking out blue because of you.” -Elena “I love how this is real life for me and a costume for you.” -Sonjia “Baby girl you need to start sketching.” -Christopher “I think it’s wine. Wine is working.” -Dmitry “I can read you across the room. You seem very disabled.” -Tim Gunn “Is she running out of ideas? I have no idea.” -Dmitry “So in a way it was good that that bitch was fighting me.” -Fabio “Bitch slap that bitch!” -Tim Gunn “It’s like crotch exposing.” -Tim Gunn “Listen to Tim, and put some glitter on it.” -Dmitry “Aka you’re all f***ed, change your fabrics and get in the van!” -Christopher “As long as I break her and not the dress.” -Sonjia “This runway is gon’ be crazy!” -Christopher “I just think this is the funniest thing I’ve ever designed in my life.” -Melissa “It’s like a little purple bird.” -Nina “A molting group of Rockettes wouldn’t really be great.” -Debra Messing “It might be like a turkey fest up here.” -Nina “You have to have your bits covered.” -Heidi “It’s a Bob Mackie moment.” -Michael Kors “To me she looks like a Las Vegas cheerleader.” -Michael Kors “It’s busy and tacky. It’s like you never stopped.” -Michael Kors  “I thought of cheesy Las Vegas mall.” -Heidi “It’s disco turkey.” -Michael Kors “Like that could be his drag name, Origami Rose.” “And now the Rockettes will be wearing my garment while kicking their asses off.” -Christopher  Check out our favorite site devoted to Project Runway: Blogging Project Runway!
–Jamie Wilson

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