Project Runway Review: Season 13, Episode 6: It's a Nice Day for a Rock Wedding. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Show 13, Episode 6: It's a Nice Day for a Rock Wedding

Project Runway, Tim Gunn and Dita Von Teese, 13-ep6 Lord I hate all things bridal. So an unconventional wedding dress challenge sounded right up my ally. That was until I saw the runway. More on that later.  The designers were gathered at Webster Hall in Manhattan for a low-key wedding. Tim Gunn and Dita Von Teese got married! Just kidding. However, the stunning burlesque performer, was there with Tim to present the challenge: work in pairs to create an alternative wedding dress and a corresponding reception dress in one day with a budget of $400. That’s right; one bride, two looks, one day. Out came the much feared button bag and I just knew Korina and Amanda would be paired together and they were. The rest of the pairs were Kini and Sean (who had immunity), Fade and Emily, Alexander and Samantha, and Char and Sandhya. If you thought this would be pretty straight forward, you would be wrong because as soon as they got to Mood the fabric choices hit the fan. Sandyha forced Char to work with a stunningly bright and tacky yellow (think Big Bird) fabric, Samantha and Alexander grab “oxblood” lace (ew) and the rest went the expected black and white route (boring). Surprisingly, Tim’s critiques were not as bad as I expected. “Carry on.” Everyone starts throwing shade at Amanda for being the judges’ favorite and instead of getting angry, she cries? Don’t worry, they were baby tears, so it really wasn’t that interesting. I was hoping Korina would show us her true diva beotch colors, but that didn’t happen either. Yawn.
Judges Chiara Ferragni, Dita Von Teese, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, Heidi Klum
Judges Chiara Ferragni, Dita Von Teese, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum
On to the runway! Besides guest judge Dita Von Teese, Italian style blogger Chiara Ferragni was there to inject nothing more than an irritating affected inflection (sorry, but it grated on me). Where do they get these ‘blah’ guest judges? Amanda and Korina are shockingly safe and both concede they are happy with that. At the top were Kini and Sean who were dubbed “The Dream Team” by Zac Posen. Nina didn’t love Kini’s skirt, but everyone else adores their black and white “gay marriage” set. It was OK. Even though Kini did most of the work and felt he was robbed, my guy Sean gets the win. Two in a row suckers! Now the bottom is obviously more interesting. Emily and Fade get called out on their frightening Japanese black gothic dress (which was really Emily’s). Fade’s dress wasn’t bad, but the looks were not cohesive. They are safe. So are Alexander and Samantha whose “oxblood” lace over-embellished numbers looked like they belonged in the movie “The Wedding Singer” (very 80’s). That leaves the dynamic “Big Bird with Tweety Bird” (Zac’s words) duo whose Highlighter yellow designs Heidi called an “epic fail” and Nina just claimed “no bueno.” Additionally the construction was beyond bad. But there was no way Sandya was going home, because she has thrilled the judges before with her bizarre designs. So Char was sent packing, but on her way out the door Tim told her had it been later in the season, he would have used his Tim Gunn save on her…which made her feel better. Back to the Motor City she goes.
Project Runway 13 episode 6 winners
“Sean, You are the winner of this challenge.”
Project Runway, Char and Sandya, Yellow wedding dresses
“Char, You are out!”
Memorable Quotes “This is a shocker, to me it’s a epic fail…” -Heidi “My takeaway, was Big bird with Tweetie Bird.” -Zac “I was wondering why a girl would choose this color, is she a lemon heiress?” -Dita Von Teese “Like a toilet paper accident” -Zac “I think you suffered from the same ailment as the yellow…” -Nina “It could be cheapy chic-y but this is not!” -Zac “It looks like she spilled wine. It looks like she went in the pool or something.” -Zac “No Bueno… No bueno…” -Nina “Did you look under there Tim?” -Heidi “No – No – I don’t care to…” -Tim “It looks like I made it.”  Dita Von Teese “I’m exploring the corpse.” – Zac “Do you know what’s so sad is the lace is really beautiful!” – Nina “It’s so chic(a)” – Chiara Ferragni with cute accent “No matter how you look at it it sucks to go home.” – Char Tweet along live with us at Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Lauren Dimet Waters Photos: Lifetime  

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