Project Runway Review: Season 13 Episode 4, A Suitable Twist. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Show

Project Runway, Season 13 Epiode 4 Designers
In a strange turn of events, the sponsor for the Sponsor Challenge was Red Robin (yum), which is a giant stretch and there isn’t even a location NYC. Out walked a long line of male models wearing 70’s relic polyester suits – a designer’s worst nightmare. Not only that, but they were oversized and in hideous colors/patterns. The designers were instructed to create a high-fashion womenswear look using the jacket and pants (had to be prominent) of their vintage suit of choice. Well not really their choice, but that of last week’s winner Sandhya. She was able to pick her suit first and then assign suits to the rest of the designers.
Now if you were a smart player of the game you would give every designer their obvious last choice right? She didn’t. She was way too charitable and tried to give each designer what she thought best matched their aesthetic based on what she had seen before. Obviously there were some misreadings, but we are talking about fugly options to begin with! Mitchell, Sean, Hernan and Amanda were less than thrilled.
Project Runway 13 episode 4, Tim Gunn
After a brief time of kvetching, sketching and eating bottomless fries (a first in the fashion world), the designers were off to Mood for their supplemental fabric. Back in the workroom it gets really boring less Hernan’s endless whining about his gross fabric and what I was hoping would turn into a war (to liven tings up a bit) between Kristine and Korina over their similar moto jacket designs. Mitchell creates a frightening mess and Amanda looks like she is headed down the same path. (At this point I need more wine to keep it interesting).
To the runway! For the life of me I have no idea who the guest judge is. After Googling her I know why, it’s teen YouTube star Bethany Mota (great way to keep your usual demographic interested Project Runway!). I’m sure I was not the only person watching who was totally clueless.
Allow me to break this down for you. In the top three we had Kini who designed his structured suit with neoprene shoulders in a nanosecond (and I felt should have won), Amanda who managed to pull out a fringed number the judges fawned over, but I felt was not high-fashion enough as challenged and lastly Alexander who made a striking black with white number, that I knew wouldn’t win.
The bottom three were not surprisingly Kristine, whose moto jacket was no threat to Korina and pants were thrown together in an hour (it showed), Sean (poor Sean) made a mummy dress that looked ‘like peeling skin’ and Hernan who paraded a hot mess down the runway. On Twitter it was being called a new new superhero “Super Vagina” for the large V that ended at the crotch. I digress.
Amanda wins and Hernan, to no one’s surprise, is out!

Amanda pulls it off and wins with this Hippie Chic dress.
Amanda pulls it off and wins with this Hippie Chic dress.

Project Runway,Hernan Is out
“Hernan, you are out!”

“Another day, another challenge.” – Char
“Are we going to eat?” – Kini
“Red Robin yummm…” – Kini
“Amanda what is the last pattern on the face of the planet that you would like to work with, I would say ‘oh probably say pink and floral.’” – Amanda
“I think I’m actually allergic to it.” – Amanda
“The sabotage began when Sandhya decided that she wants to give me this dishwater blue.” – Mitchell
“It looks like he put the awful blue polyester suit that he was given and stuffed it into a Ziploc bag.” -Alexander about Mitchell’s design.
“When she’s not on camera she’s a completely different person.” – Hernan
“But watch the boob-age.” – Tim
“I hate it so much, I don’t want to do anything.” – Hernan
“Back to Gotham.” – Mitchell
“I should have made my wedding dress look like this, imagine it in all white.” – Amanda
“She’s like hippie hot, if that’s possible.” -Mitchell
“This is sharp suiting.” – Zac
“It looks like a shredded mess.” – Heidi
“It looks like she’s the vagina superhero.” – Nina
“It kind of just reminds me of a pop star Halloween costume.” – Bethany
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– Lauren Dimet Waters
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  1. Hernan and Amanda would bitch no matter what you gave them. It already did in hernan and hopefully will be one of Amanda’s downfalls before the season is over. Sean had the worst suit. His thought process started out pretty good. I liked the original construction. If he would have keep his workroom dress and changed just the neckline he would have been way better off. The top was what put him in the bottom two.


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