Project Runway All Stars Season 4, Episode 2: The Art of Construction (or Bitch Stole Your Look!)

Project Runway All Stars 4-2 Designers
Let me first say, I love Justin; Dmitry better not mess with my Chris March and what the hell was Project Runway thinking having JWoww and Snooki as guest judges? Jump the shark much? The designers meet a very pregnant and oddly dressed Alyssa Milano (a denim jumpsuit was not a good look, but I give her props for even hosting that pregnant…I wouldn’t) at a space filled with construction materials and are informed this is Unconventional Materials Challenge. The designers must turn the masculine materials from the construction site into feminine fashion…and they can’t take the construction workers, but they can take their clothes. They only have 15 minutes to grab whatever they can and one day to complete the challenge.
Project Runway All Stars 4, Alyssa Milano
Needless to say, it’s 15 minutes of mayhem and back to the workroom they go. Jay annoys everyone ripping his tarp to shreds and Dmitry steals Chris March’s design so Chris gives in too easily and changes the bottom of his dress (he should not have). Kate starts designing another wedding dress, Alexandria constructs a hideous bird cage and yadda, yadda, yadda.
Whatevs. Let’s get to the runway and see what tidbits of design pearls of wisdom fashion icons Snooki and JWoww impart. Because I don’t know about you, but when I think of high fashion, or any fashion for that matter…I think of the girls from Jersey Shore. Also joining them as guest judge is designer Elie Tahari. Oh and Georgina and Isaac are there as well.
Project Runway All Stars 4-2 Jay
Jay – He used blue tarp and nails to create a “warrior princess” dress and his necklace of nails was to die for. Literally. Everyone loves the color of the blue tarp and the shredding impressed Georgina saying it looked like lacquered tweed.
Project Runway All Stars 4-2 Kate
Kate – She managed to turn lightbulb cages, tile backing and drawer liners into a white short wedding dress. Snooki wants it for her impending wedding. The rest of the panel is less impressed. Elie thinks it reads too young, but Georgina is impressed Kate could pull off a sweet design from a masculine construction site…which is the challenge right?
Project Runway All Stars 4-2 Justin_
Justin – As soon as you see what he was able to put together from black zip ties and white plastic fencing, you just know Justin is going to win this one…the silhouette is striking. Good thing because Justin has never won a challenge…EVER. That is until last night! Congrats on breaking that losing streak!
Project Runway All Stars 4-2 Michelle_
Michelle – By painting strips of construction worker vests various shades of green she thinks she is being creative, but she forgets about the silhouette. Elie likes the colors, but Issac thinks it looks like a department store dress. Because Michelle is a past winner, Georgina tells her she needs to step up her game, but she’s safe.
Project Runway All Stars 4-2  Chris-
Chris March – When JWoww comments his dress of cords, cable wires and wires looks like something she’d be wearing at 3am with Snooki in a nightclub (with a lampshade on her head dancing on the bar, no doubt), you know he’s in trouble! Isaac and Elie like the design of the skirt, but Snooki is afraid the model is going to have a nip slip and Georgina thinks the materials still look like the original materials. Chris however is thankfully safe.
Project Runway All Stars 4-2 Alexandria
Alexandria – She used tarp, black paint and black plastic fencing to create an 80’s nightmare. Issac hates it. Georgina says it’s a caricature of itself. Snooki says it reminds her of a spider and she’s an arachnophobe. Elie likes it, but it’s not enough to save her. Alexandria is out.
 Memorable Quotes
“I don’t wan to loose a finger!” – Michelle
“I would love to take a construction worker.” -Sonjia
“No! Don’t’ touch them! I’ll kick your asses!” – Samantha
“I want to make pieces of art, not a pieces of crap.” – Kate
“Jay is making perhaps the most obnoxious sound I’ve ever heard.” – Gunnar
“Bitch stole your look…” – Jay
“The only reason that he is upset is because my piece looks better.” – Dmitry
“Its’ a runway, Kate, not a wedding isle.” – Gunnar
“She’s only got like 2 hours…Holy hell. girl!” – Kate
“She looks like a rat walking around a subway.” – Jay
“A naked girl is not a good look!” – Michelle
“Jay’s look is not at all feminine. It looks so harsh…like it walked out of a Die Hard movie.” – Gunnar
“Oh my God her ass is showing.” – Dmitry
“We don’t want any boob fat.” – Isaac
“It reminds me of a spider and I’m arachnophobic.” – Snookie
“I thought it looked Frederick of Hollywood.” – Alyssa
“I don’t think it’s fair to say, ‘Hey, go make a cake and make it taste really good, but use soap.'” – Alexandria
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– Lauren Dimet Waters
 Photos: Lifetime

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