Project Runway All Stars, Season 3 Episode 4: Keepin’ It Classy. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

The Project Runway All Stars take a ride on a school bus and they all have fun and feel nostalgic for their childhood. Eventually they end up at PS212, an elementary school, where they meet host Alyssa Milano for details on their next challenge. It is very playful and one of Project Runway’s most famous challenges ever! It’s the unconventional challenge and the designers must create high-impact runway looks using school supplies! The designers have only four minutes to grab items inside the school before they sketch their ideas.
Back in the workroom, some of the designers jump rope and have a little fun. During her critique with mentor Zanna Roberts Rassi, Elena panics and cries because her materials aren’t easy to work with. All the other designers are annoyed at her constant drama and later more conflict arises when Viktor changes his design based on the advice he got from Elena. There is a twist this week, but it is a positive one – the designers will receive makeup consultations from Mary Kay and the winner and their winning look will appear in an ad for Mary Kay in Marie Claire magazine! The day of the runway, some designers are stressed because they are really behind. Mychael and Korto in particular are scrambling to finish.
On the runway, Alyssa announces the finished looks will be donated to PS212. They will be auctioned off and the funds will be used for the school. This week’s guest judges are Academy Award nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe and actor, producer and director Michael Urie. Seth Aaron and Irina are safe, while the other designers have the highest and lowest scores. The winner is between Christopher and Viktor.  Congrats to Christopher, who will appear in an ad for Mary Kay with his design! He has come a long way since he was bullied as a child, which was the inspiration for his dress. Korto, Jeffrey, and Mychael all have the lowest scores this week. In a surprise twist, nobody is going home! All the designers are safe and moving through to next week… does that mean a double elimination in the future? We’ll just have to see!

Christopher, “You are the winner of this challenge!”





Memorable Quotes:
“Oh no, I refuse to do this! Can we get Reese’s please?” –Viktor
“Stop pulling my hair… omg children in All Stars- this could be crazy!” –Viktor
“Everything is just everywhere and honestly it’s embarrassing because we’re supposed to be adults.” –Christopher
“That’s it son, for real… that’s what’s up, that’s what’s up.” –Viktor
“I’m not helping you b*tch, you won last time!” –Elena
“She must have the smallest violin playing every single second. Like what’s going on?!” –Viktor
“A twist? What you mean a twist? We already have all this work, we don’t need no twist, thank you very much!” –Viktor
“Her dress is my least favorite because I hate flowers, blech.” –Elena
“I can see her Britney!” –Viktor
“I liked using a kickball as a hat… kick you in the head!” –Seth Aaron
“I just thought hot girl Darth Vader.” –Michael Urie
“It’s like punk but two weeks late.” –Isaac
“I feel like all my red carpet looks fall apart, and I’m like well, I’m a goofy person!” – Gabourey
“I love the pointy little boobies, they’re so cute! It’s like Rosie from The Jetsons.” –Michael Urie
“Sometimes I judge clothes based on whether or not Beyonce would wear them.” – Gabourey
“I’m still here Daisy!” –Mychael
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– Claire Mykrantz
Photos: Lifetime

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