Project Runway All Stars Season 1 Episode 11: Finale Part 1. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway All Stars Season 1 Final 3 Designers, Michael, Mondo and Austin
And so the finale begins! Part one of the finale for Project Runway All Stars had everyone wondering what was going to happen without the home visits from Tim Gunn with each remaining designer. After seeing Austin with a bare upper lip, it was clear that this episode would be different from the rest this season. This wasn’t the only thing that created a big bang in the beginning; Georgina Chapman, Angela Lindvall, and Isaac Mizrahi announce to the finalists that instead of working months on creating a full runway collection, each contestant will be designing a mini-collection to showcase their exact talents. This doesn’t seem too hard, until they realize they only have four days to make this happen. What does this mean? The three last contestants have four days to complete five looks. With a $3,000 budget for fabric at Mood and a one hour time span to choose their fabrics, from hissy fits to full out freak-outs, picking out the fabric is just the beginning for these top three designers. The next stop on the road to being a Project Runway All Stars winner was Joanna Coles’ office, the Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire. The three designers had a round table with Joanna asking questions to get a feel of what the top industry professional expect every runway season. There was also information about the guest editor position about how one lucky winner will work with Marie Claire fashion editor, Nina Garcia, one of the many wonderful prizes offered. This wasn’t the last of Joanna; the editor made sure to show up to see the work of each designer in the workroom.
Austin, Mondao andf Micheal choose their models
So what was the source of inspiration for each designer? Michael felt a little wild with African Safari and Mondo claimed the collection will be called “Therapy” due to the experience making him crazy. Meanwhile Austin was inspired by a handful of things: a Fragonard painting meets modern day rock star meets Hasidic gentleman. And let’s not forget the “All Stars Twist” which included that a sixth look would need to be created. No big deal, right? Well, this one is made out of fabric scraps from previous challenges. From Miss Piggy to the Opera, it’s all coming back.
Angela Lindvall with the rest of the Project Runway All Stars from Season 1, who are ready to help the finalists.
Oh, and there to help each designer is one former cast member! Mila joins Mondo due to her technical skills, Anthony helps Austin because of similar couture visions, and Michael picks April because of her devotion to do a great job. The designers are working hard to make scraps of fabric into garments, creating interesting pieces that will surely catch the judges’ eyes. From “upside-down” pink pants to lacy shawls, Austin is definitely creating his own vibe for the runway. Mondo uses ink blots in order to create his Rorschach top while Michael is playing up the animal prints with different tones. With the first three days finished, the designers have their models, their song runway song (where Austin was left with the last pick song), and a few dramatic moments from Mondo, the designers are left with a small amount of time left before their garments are due for the runway. Are they going to pull it off? Who’s going to wow the judges? I guess we will have to wait a week before we can answer these questions. Memorable Quotes He used to look like Errol Flynn. Now he looks like Kermit the Frog. –Mondo This could possibly change my life. –Mondo What you’re looking for is a shift from the previous season and then when you’re seeing as many as 50 to 70 shows, you’re looking for themes. And then you’re looking for people who are doing it really well. –Joanna Coles Fragonard, Madame de Pompadour meets 20th century rock star slash Williamsburg Hasidic gentleman.  –Austin “All the designers come back to haunt us. –Mondo I want something to excite me. That’s an incredible idea. –Georgina Chapman This experience has seriously made me crazy. That’s my inspiration. I’m doing a collection called ‘Therapy.” –Mondo …do as the Hasidic gentlemen do. –Austin Whatever he wants, he usually gets it. That’s become my motto, ‘Good for Austin.’  –Mondo Glamour excitement fit.–Austin It looks like a dead white lady. –Anthony It’s been regal. –Austin Be sure to watch the season finale next week on Thursday, March 22 at 7 p.m.! And check out our favorite site devoted to Project Runway: Blogging Project Runway! –Lindsay Grundy Photos: Lifetime

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