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We get so sad when another season of Project Runway ends…even if it is predictable. I mean, how could you not predict guest judge Victoria Beckham would go cocoa puffs for Christian? All three final designers were fabulous, much better than in seasons past. However, you had to know it would be Christian Siriano for the win and the best quotes. We picked the best of the lot. And there were a lot…

Memorable Quotes:

"I’m nervous and scared. I want Friday to come. I’m like so ready." – Christian

"Here’s my question though. It seems like an incongruous piece." – Tim Gunn to Jillian

"I have to follow my instinct and allow that piece to sing with the rest of the chorus." – Jillian

"You look nervous. What happened to the cocky, confident Christian?" – Tim Gunn

"Let’s go pick some fierce girls…today." – Christian

"Some were OK and some were tragic."
– Rami about the models

"I need fierce walkers and walks for days." – Christian

"Goodnight Ramina." – Jillian

"Are you ready bitches?" – Rami (!)

"He has a lot to learn in this industry about designing items of clothes for women, not just models. " – Rami about Christian

"It’s not all about comfort ladies!" – Christian to his models complaining about the high heels

"I don’t care. They’ll get over it!" – Christian

"I walked around my apartment in those shoes for like a week! If I can do it, they can do it!" – Christian

"Be fabulous. Be really skinny. Don’t eat." – Christian to his models

"Jillian, Jillian, Jillian. She is the most indecisive person on the planet. let me tell you."
– Christian

"I have to accept the fact there is diversity and kind of love it for that reason." – Jillian

"No. It’s done. Put it away. Like, let’s go! Let’s show tomorrow." – Christian

"Waking up this morning was like nerves. Like right when you get up – nerves!" – Christian

"Where are my two girls? Two of my girls are super, super late! Oh my God, this is awful!" – Christian

"I could not believe I was watching my own show! I was really astounded by what I did. It was very emotional." – Jillian

"Ooh. Everybody looks fierce!" – Christian about his collection

"Flawless Victoria Beckham. I would love to dress her every day of the week!" – Christian

"Whatever happens, happens. I need $100,000!"
– Christian

"You want women bitch? Here it is!"
– Nick Varreos predicting Rami for the win

"It’s like jumping off a cliff." – Michael Kors to Christian

"You really made me smile and it’s not easy to make me smile."
– Victoria Beckham to Christian

We all love black clothes, but even in the front row you can’t see the work and it becomes monotonous." – Michael Kors to Christian

"You used some colors that are not my favorite colors. Brady Bunch colors I call them. They were not chic enough for the clothes" – Michael Kors to Rami

"Rather than fierce I would say you are major." – Victoria Beckham to Christian

"The first thing I think about  when I think about Rami is cerebral. This guy puts so much thought into what he does." – Michael Kors

"You showed us every style of dress. Soup to nuts." – Michael Kors to Rami

"I don’t think yet Jillian knows her identifiable signature." – Nina Garcia

"Sometimes he can get over-styled and it needs to look effortless." – Nina Garcia about Christian

"Here is one thing I think that Rami has a challenge with and it’s colors"
– Nina Garcia

"Showman, drama and creativity. Way beyond your 21 years."
– Heidi Klum to Christian

"I was so disappointed and so let down, but you know what? I would not go back and do it differently. I was really surprised how it played out. I loved what I did."
– Jillian

"You are the winner of Project Runway!’ – Heidi Klum to Christian

"What the hell just happened?"
– Christian

"I’m such a fan and you are so talented. I would be honored to wear any piece of your clothing." – Victoria Beckham to Christian

"Do you believe it?" – Tim Gunn to Christian

"Yeah." – Christian in response

"I’m the youngest winner of Project Runway, but Hell-o did you have a doubt? What-up?" – Christian

"Let me tell you – I’m taking a vava! I need a breaky-breaky" – Christian

One more thing…the jingle for Bluefly ad is so annoying and clawing. I am thankful I don’t have to hear it any longer.

Over and out! Till next season…

— Lauren Dimet Waters


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