Project Runway Season Four. Episode Eleven: Mighty Aphrodite's Night at the Museum. Memorable Quotes


Since we now know the five remaining designers already showed at Fashion Week, this episode was a bit of a let-down. True, the viewing audience will not see Sweet P or either Chris or Rami’s collections, but they still got to show at Bryant Park. So in a way, they all won. But, BravoTV thinks we are all idiots, so here we go…

In this final challenge episode titled "The Art of Fashion" the five remaining designers found themselves at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the Upper East Side…going to the Upper East Side seemed to freak out the designers for some reason. Anyway, The Met is jam packed with masterpieces – 5,000 years of art and artifacts, in fact. The challenge: choose a work of art to serve as the inspiration of a look of their choice. Armed with cameras the designers had 45 minutes to find and photograph their inspiration from three halls: the Greek and Roman Sculpture courtyard, the European Painting wing, and the Temple of Dendur.


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Back at Parson’s they had an hour to sketch and 30 minutes at MOOD with a budget of $300. They then had two days to complete their design.

The guest judge was Roberto Cavalli who was a hoot mainly because you couldn’t understand his thick Italian accent or he was drunk…or both. I particularly loved the subtitles for his English! His comments were priceless. I think.


Christian: Winner!

His look was inspired by a 17th Century Spanish portrait by Bartolome Esteban Murillo.It was a fabulous interpretation of military meets womenswear.



His inspiration was an 18th Century portrait of the Marquise D’Argence by Nattier. Instead of napping, he should have made sure his collar didn’t look exactly like the design he and Christian had done in an earlier challenge. The judges noticed and were not pleased. Wait, that’s not true. Cavalli loved it, but he had not seen the aforementioned design. Truth be told, I loved it.



Everyone but Rami saw this coming. Rami was the only designer to use a sculpture for his inspiration and guess what? It was a 1st Century AD sculpture of Aphrodite! Quelle surprise! His dress was gorgeous as usual, but totally predictable "Rami draping." It was almost his undoing.



Her inspiration was a 15th Century narrative battle painting entitled, “Master of the Argonauts.” Her military-inspired fitted jacket in black with gold piping and lining was amazing. Underneath was a matching gold lame mini-dress. The judges loved it and welcomed her to Bryant Park.


Sweet P: Loser!

Her inspiration was a 17th Century Dutch painting entitled “Peacocks.” We are so sorry to see her go, but it was her time. She should have used feathers! Lord knows every other designer at Fashion Week did! The dress was cute, but too contemporary and lacked any ‘wow’ factor.

In the end, the judges were deadlocked about Rami and Chris. So, both were to create collections and compete for a spot in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park. They each had to present to their three strongest looks to the judges to determine who will show.

One more thing: Now, since Fashion Week was last week and Bravo TV is going to stretch this season out long as humanly possible to capitalize on advertising revenue (I mean come on, we have to have a reunion show, right?) we already know that all 5 showed. However, which three will air on TV remains to be seen. Judging by what we saw…our money is on Rami. He actually showed some depth and dimension not to mention the ability to break out of draping…if pushed.

Oh and another thing, how boring is their reunion going to be? They all got along pretty well.

Memorable Quotes:

"There is no way he’s not making something Grecian and draped." – Chris about Rami

"So many amazing paintings in there (museum) and actually clothing on people." – Chris

"Look, Joan Rivers carved her initials in here when she was a little girl!" – Chris

"Wow. I took like 238 pictures." – Sweet P

"I’m not shameful about choosing Aphrodite. This is what I do." – Rami

"Honey, is there any fabric left at Mood?" Chris to Christian

"He’s making like 15 pieces and I’m on my first pattern." – Sweet P  about Christian

"I’m not here to make noise – I’m here to make beautiful work." – Rami

"I sew fast. Get over it. If you don’t then get over it." – Christian

"I’m so over it." – Christian

"I’m so over it too." – Jillian

"I just wanted to lay down." – Chris

"Are you joking? It’s the last challenge. You can’t take a nap!" – Christian

"I know I’m the youngest designer, but truthfully, I think I have the most cohesive ideas of anyone." – Christian

"Is it wowable?" – Tim Gunn to Chris

"I know. It’s fabulous and the blouse looks so good on me." – Christian to Tim Gunn

"Nobody really hated each other (this season)." – Chris

"Every 5 minutes I wanted to cut somebody." – Christian

"Oh my God. I have to look amazing. I have to make sure my hair looks extra fierce!" – Christian

"I don’t wan to go back to working in a cubicle and working on someone else’s vision. So I hope that I make it to Fashion Week." – Jillian

"Give them that electric shock that sends Nina’s shoes across the runway!" – Tim Gunn

"It’s a little but marshmellow-y." – Jillian about Christian’s design

"Going to Bryant Park would be like winning the lottery." – Chris

"Yeah, we want eyebrows for days." – Christian

"I’m passionate about draping." – Rami (ya think?)

"I think it’s super, super, super chic." – Michael Kors

"I think the dress does great things for her body and that’s what clothes are supposed to do." – Michael Kors

"How predictable for you to chose Greek and Roman drapery. I mean come on!" – Michael Kors to Rami

"I want to see you cut out of this box." – Nina to Rami

"I don’t have so much to say (ha, ha) about that dress." Guest judge, Roberto Cavalli about Sweet P’s design

"You keep me very surprised…in a good way." – Nina to Jillian

"She’s ballsy." – Heidi Klum about Jillian

"He delivered." – Nina about Christian

"He’s a showman." – Michael Kors about Chris

"I’m a big cry baby." – Sweet P

"It was our last challenge before Bryant Park and I wanted to go." – Sweet P…and she did!


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