Beauty Rave. PREVAGE® Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum & Moisturizer

I have used and adored PREVAGE® anti-aging face serum in the past so why wouldn't I love PREVAGE® Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum & PREVAGE® Eye Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 15? Anyone who knows me knows I am constantly on the hunt for the best eye cream on the market. I have been using it religiously since I was 20 and I do not skimp when it comes to eye cream.

Eyes are said to be a window to the soul, but the eye area is also like a magnifying glass, revealing the visible signs of skin aging. All the cumulative effects of genetic, lifestyle and environmental influences seem to play out in this small and fragile area of the face. From fine lines and crow’s feet, to dark circles, puffiness, crepiness, discolorations, redness and irritation. All of that sun worshiping I did in my teens and twenties is starting to show around my eyes. I'm not happy about it! Look at a woman's eyes and the lines instantly give away her age. It's a total bummer.

Leave it to PREVAGE® to present a new vision of anti-aging eyecare with two new high performance innovations designed to deliver intensive correction and protection to the look of skin around the eyes. New PREVAGE® Eye formulas help reverse visible signs of aging in the eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and sun damage, targeting puffiness and dark circles and brightening the look of skin as they soothe and moisturize.

Elizabeth Park, Executive Vice President Global Marketing and General Manager Elizabeth Arden USA explains: “The new PREVAGE® eye formulas have been developed to be targeted and highly effective skincare treatments as individual products, as well as used together in a regimen. The textures and formulas have been developed specifically so that they work together synergistically to combat the signs of aging around the eyes, but also address different needs and concerns of the eye area.”
Advanced Idebenone technology (mumbo jumbo jargon)
In developing the new eye formulas PREVAGE® researchers incorporated the latest Idebenone delivery technology, first introduced in PREVAGE® Face. Inspired by studies showing how the skin effectively stores vitamins and molecules by attaching them to a lipid, PREVAGE® skincare researchers applied these findings to the Idebenone molecule to help create a reserve of Idebenone to use when and where it’s needed most. This advanced “delivery system” allows for more efficient use of Idebenone and has been shown to be gentle and effective even on those with sensitive skin. This is especially important in the sensitive eye area.

Step 1: New PREVAGE® Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum

For intensive visible correction to skin’s appearance, to help fight aging signs

This powerful anti-aging serum combines advanced Idebenone technology with a complex of highly restorative ingredients to transform the look of skin around the eyes, providing intense environmental protection and visible correction to skin’s appearance. This intensive eye treatment helps:

• Protect skin from damaging environmental assaults
• Minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet
• Target dark circles and puffiness
• Reduce the look of age spots, discolorations and sun damaged skin
• Support skin’s natural collagen to help give eyes a firmer, more lifted look
• Brighten the look of skin in the eye area so eyes appear younger and revitalized

Step 2: New PREVAGE® Eye Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 15

For all day moisture and serious environmental protection

This multi-defense eye cream with advanced Idebenone technology provides serious environmental protection, all day intensive moisture and encapsulated sunscreens. This nourishing, emollient formula is the first ever eye cream with both broad spectrum SPF protection and revolutionary Idebenone. This daily eyecare essential helps: 

• Deflect the sun with encapsulated SPF 15 sunscreens to shield against daily sun damage without irritation
• Neutralize free radicals that can cause aging signs
• Smooth the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet and crepiness
• Deliver all day hydration and skin soothing ingredients to the fragile eye area
• With continued use, helps prevent future aging signs

For optimal results you want to use PREVAGE® Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum morning and night on cleansed skin for intense antioxidant protection and correction to skin’s appearance. In the morning, follow with PREVAGE® Eye Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 15 to moisturize and protect skin from sun and harsh environmental aggressors that can damage and dehydrate the delicate skin around the eyes. I have also been using the moisturizer at night. After 2 weeks I am already seeing results! My lines do appear somewhat diminished and I love how my eye makeup has been applying since using these products.

The new PREVAGE® Eye formulas are now available nationwide:

NEW PREVAGE® Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum
, $98 for .5 fl. oz.

NEW PREVAGE® Eye Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 15, $98 for .5 fl. oz.

-Lauren Dimet Waters

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  1. for best results of the eye cream product you want to apply. You should wash your face first and apply the cream twice a day. It is very necessary that the cream will be applied to a clean area.


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