Prabal Gurung Gives Sephora Uniform Fashionable Makeover

Walking into a Sephora is always a sort of magical experience. With the well made-up professionals, the all white backdrop of the store’s decoration and every employee wearing their black –almost medical looking–uniform, you can’t help but get swept up in the spectacle of it all. But we’ve always thought the Sephora staff uniforms could do with a little tweaking toward glam.  After all, with such fabulous make up all around you, shouldn’t the people who have to be there all day get to be just as fabulous? Sephora agreed, which is why they brought of CFDA award winning designer ,Prabal Gurung, to design Sephora’s sleek new uniforms!

The beauty mega-retailer has carried the same black uniforms since 2001, and it was definitely time for a fashionable update. Gurung designed the looks with Sephora’s signature black and red, but with his own modern design aspects.

The ladies of Sephora can now get either a versatile black shift dress with red accents or a fitted pant suit and blazer, while the men have tailored separates to mix and match. Keep an eye out at Sephora’s North American stores where the new uniforms will be showing up soon!


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Um, all of a sudden we’re wondering if they’re hiring…..

-Kat Bremhorst



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