Photographer Steve Starr Receives Outstanding Chicago Community Award


Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago gave their 2009 Outstanding Chicago Community Awards at a ceremony last night at the Seneca Hotel. Our favorite photographer, Steve Starr was named Outstanding Celebrity Photographer! We at Second City Style know firsthand that Steve can truly make everyone look like a star in his photos. Do not hesitate if Steve asks to take a shot of you at an event – you will look great!

Steve modestly accepted his award and said, "What can I say? This is really wonderful. Thank you so much." People in the crowd could be heard saying, "I love Steve!" and "We love you, Steve!"


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Steve was named among these Red Carpet Concierge 2009 Outstanding Chicago Community Awards Winners:
My art name, De Selarom, is simply my name backwards. Outstanding Artist
Gloria The Hat,, Outstanding Chicago Socialite
Shaun Rajah, Palm Court Manager,, Outstanding Hotel Manager
Steve Starr,, Outstanding Celebrity Photographer
Anthony Priola,, Outstanding Lakefront Restaurant
Julie Liu,, Outstanding Couture Jewelry
Mia Le Blon,, Outstanding New Entertainer
Juan Jose,,  Outstanding Hair Designer/Director
David Anthony,, Outstanding Fashion Photographer
Stan Wozniak,, Outstanding Nightclub
Linda Decker, President,, Outstanding Sailing Events
Bonnie Green,, Outstanding Boutique Hotel
Billy Dec, CEO and Founder of, Outstanding Entrepreneur
Leticia Herrera, President and Founder,  Outstanding Business Woman
Lillian Bjorseth,, Outstanding Chicago Speaker
Mable Buckner, Executive Director,,. Outstanding Chamber Director
Phillip Herrejon,, Outstanding New Networking Producer

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