Perry Farrell Kicks Off Lollapalooza In Style With Dobel Tequila

Perry-Farrell-Dobel Drumming Tequila container I woke up Friday morning with the sound of dogs barking … and the riff from Jane’s Addiction Been Caught Stealing caught in my head! That’s because the night before we attended a Lollapalooza kick-off party with none other than festival founder Perry Farrell the face (and body-in-motion) of Dobel Tequila.
Dobel Black Diamond Margarita
The Thursday evening before Lollapalooza the tequila party was held at Nelcote featuring Dobel Tequilas perfectly paired with delicious appetizers master-minded by Chef Anthony. He told us he wanted to compliment the tequilas with light (and oh so satisfying!) bites. My favorite was the fried lobster drizzled in a yummy sauce. We sipped on delicious Dobel Black Diamond Margaritas and were offered (very smooth) sips from the full range of Maestro Dobel Blanco, Anejo and Reposado tequilas as well as the signature Dobel Diamante.
Nelcote, Lollapalooza Kick Off, 2015, Fried Lobster
Fried Lobster from Nelcote paired with Dobel Tequila
Perry Farrell Appetizers Lollapalooza Kick Off Nelcote 2015
Perry Farrell at the Lollapalooza Kick Off Party at Nelcote 2015
Maestro Dobel Tequilas
Maestro Dobel Tequilas and Cocktails
Dobel Tequila, Bottles, Drum, Guitar case,
Maestro Dobel Tequilas come in a drum with drumsticks and guitar case packaging.
Second City Style had the opportunity to ask Perry Farrell some of our most pressing questions…regarding Rock & Roll Fashion. I met Perry last year and found that his somewhat curious responses turn into dead-on brilliant answers! SCS: What do you think is considered Rock & Roll Fashion? PF: I think it’s wearing something leopard, it may be a leopard pattern scarf, or boots. Some piece in leopard. SCS: I consider you an expert in this field. If it were not for you, we may not have Festival Fashion! What do you think is Festival style? PF: It is very important – you need a balance … your cool and your comfortable,  but you are not too aware of it…and you’ve got to smell good. And then… how old are your shoes? The shoes are always important! He showed us his super cool Saint Laurent boots (which I already noticed … the minute he walked in to the party!)
Perry Farrell, boots, Saint Laurent, rock & Rool Boots
Perry Farrell’s Saint Laurent shoes
SCS: Do you wear anything specifically when you are in Chicago for Lollapalooza? PF: I have have my Patagonia windbreaker… It’s perfect for wind, rain and any weather. SCS: By the way, your fragrance is really nice! What are you wearing? PF: It’s Dior Eau Sauvage. SCS: If you could dress a bottle of Dobel Tequila any way you like, what would it wear? (Besides the guitar case and drum set packaging). PF: Crushed Black Velvet! SCS: What is your greatest wish for this year’s Lollapalooza? PF: I wish that the young people will love Paul McCartney. We’re pretty sure his wish came true!
Perry Farrell, Carol Calacci, Taneisha Jordan Willour, Chicago, Lollapalooza, Nelcote, 2015
I’m with Perry Farrel and Taniesha Jordan Willour
See Perry Farrell’s video at and try delicious cocktail recipes including the Black Diamond Margarita and more. – Carol Calacci Photos: Dobel Tequila, Second City Style

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