Paris Fashion Week. Fairy Tales and Mad Love from Guy Laroche. Second City Style Fashion Blog

Guy Laroche’s story began with what looked like an homage to the goth fantasy of the Goblin King, but ended in a working-girl turned Cinderella fairy tale with his wearable wonders. While he clearly reveled in fantastic visions of the winged-sleeves, longhaired little capes, black lace and oversized gold sequins, he didn’t overlook the necessity of sexy… not revealing but rather flirtacious in a sophisticated kind of way.  Dresses that gave us a glimpse of one shoulder, a plunging neckline, waistlines wrapped up and tied to bond the dress securely to it’s wearer, and even what appeared to be a leather or even rubber? dress elevated the notion of sex appeal.

The color story was just as eclectic as the fabric. Shiny metallics, muted smokey plums and even fushia and bright red (a spin on the infamous Little Red Riding Hood?) went down the runway, offering forms of punctuation that would evoke immediate, various kinds of emotional responses.

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