Official Fashion’s Night Out Hangover Brunch With Ugg Australia

The Ugg Australia showroom and terrace is undoubtedly beautiful. It’s tucked way above all the swanky 5th Avenue shops, like a fuzzy little oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s fashion week chaos. Guests had the perfect opportunity to pop in and enjoy an elaborate brunch spread on plush couches on Ugg’s roof area, which wraps around the rustic showroom. We sat and chatted among piles of sheepskin rugs and furry moccasin slippers. After a wild start to New York Fashion Week, it couldn’t have been more necessary! We enjoyed a fabulous and relaxing afternoon meal and had the chance to preview the new fall looks, which I couldn’t be more thrilled to share with you!


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The Ugg Australia fall boots and accessories are so yummy and unbelievably cozy, I can’t have enough! The classic collection is being updated with some exciting new materials including a cashmere and merino blend, which makes up one of my favorite new styles. The one-of-a-kind sheepskin cuffs, and the new signature sequins (one of Oprah’s favorite things) are also important components of the fall line. The “Sheepskin Cuff” boot is a beautiful version of the classic short boot only covered in fluffy, wavy fur. I can feel my feet melting into them already! I’m super pumped about the “Over The Knee Bailey Button” boot as well. Any lover of the tall boot is going to die over all the new super tall styles. I love how the wooden buttons are incorporated onto the closure at the knee of the boot. The taller the better for chilly NYC blizzards! The sweater boots are coming back big with over-the-knee styles, twisted cable knits, and even with detachable sweater tops on the classic suede boots. The collection does a great job staying true to the Ugg traditions, while adding plenty of new and exciting pieces to keep n your wish list once again. The line shows a truly inspiring and fresh take on the rustic All-American equestrian look. Other things to keep your eye out for are their suede fringed sneakers, the studded clogs, oversized suede bags, furry gloves, and equestrian leather boots. I’ve got some shots from the look book here for you to peek at. They’re sure to be a winter staple again this year for us all!

– Alyssa Buishas

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