NY Fashion Week Fall '08. Ports 1961 Sets Sail for Scotland







Summary: Designer Tia Cibini of Ports 1961 took us on a journey of romantic Scotland’s Gaelic mythology. The collection was seen through the eyes of fabled muse Lassair. Dark and rich colors were juxtaposed with lightweight tweed rustic tweeds, wool gauze and rich velvets and neo-plaids in colors of Celtic origin. A signature print of Cibini’s was of feathers in motion in reference to the flames of Lassair (which means fire). We were enthralled with the cinched waist, capes, strong shoulder lines, chunky knit cowls slightly askew, asymmetrical pleats, lantern sleeves, feathers, Celtic jewels and felt hats.

Color Palette: ross (blue/green), loch (blue), rowan (orange), peebles (grey) sycamore (mustard), dulse (brown), sloe (white), coll, purple, pink, limerick (leaf green), blackthorn

Textures & Details: charmeuse, sateen, silk chiffon, wool silk, double-face cotton, brushed cotton, cotton wool jersey, wool cotton, wool gabardine, cashmere, wool, velvet, felt, rubber, faux fur, knit, tweed, herringbone, jacquard, wood trim, tie-dye, orb print, yarn embroidery, lace, metallic lame, kilting, petal details, gingham, wool gloves, wool socks, wood and resin necklaces, felt hats   

Key Looks:
loch wool inverness coat, loch tweed sheath skirt, wool socks; ross velvet petal jacket, ross charmeuse shell, ross chiffon skirt, ross felt hat; blackthorn silk chiffon jacquard dress, blackthorn velvet dress; limerick cowl back coat; orb print bandeau dress; loch bandeau dress with yarn embroidery

Photos: New York Magazine

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