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Summary: The New York Public Library was transformed during New York Fashion Week into an art gallery for a day. At least in the room where the Y and Kei Collection was exhibited. In the center of large lofty room was a sculpture with models posed within it. One by one, a model would walk out of her space in the sculpture, walk around the sculpture and replace another model. It was a moving breathing, and very fashionable, piece of artwork. The collection was both modern and reminiscent of many different era’s. There was 70’s disco and 80’s Dynasty reshaped with something simpler, newer and modern.

The inspiration for the show was  "a modern and beautiful interpretation of hippie…expressing rebellion, love, peace and freedom. Our interpretation of these core ideals of the 60’s combined with a sophisticated sexy…what we like to call our modern hippie."  This concept was successful.

Color Palette: crisp white, bold yellow, hot pink, sky blue, silver and cement grey.

Textures & Details: crisp clean linens, exotic prints and transparent silks.

Key Looks: Grey linen chemise with embroidered chiffon fringed shawl, a yellow linen trench coat, a gold lame jacket with a black handwoven silk organza full ong skirt was a stand-out. A lot of crisp white cotton, a simple white cotton halterdress. Shapes pulled form every era, and included surprises: a sailor collar in the back of a pouf dress, a floral arrangement on the back of a belt, a grey linen miniskirt over a longer, white shirt dress. The soft light natural linen contrasting the stiff, space-age metallic and patent leather wedge booties.






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