Victoria's Secret Confident & Curvy…Now It's Our Secret Too


Beneath every clingy dress, hiding in every lingerie drawer, every woman holds a deep dark secret. Shapewear. 

Ever since Spanx debuted women have been thanking their lucky stars for the appearance of a tight body without sacrificing that delicious piece of cheesecake. The only downside to this mini-miracle is the end of the night dilemma of what happens when the form-fitting dress comes off. 

Women, worry no more about scaring off your partner with your modern day girdle, Victoria's Secret has got you covered and controlled. Victoria's Secret's new Confident & Curvy shapewear is perfect for that smooth hourglass figure and is also a sexy piece that you don't have to be worried about them discovering. These power pieces come in both sexy and functional colors like nude, black, hot pink and leopard print. 

Be sure to order that chocolate mousse and eat it knowing that these pieces have got your back….and your waist, butt, and hips.

-Kat Bremhorst

1. So Curvaceous Push-Up Slip with Panty $48

2. Ooh La La Miniskirt with Panty $42

3. Back Off Baby Low-back Bustier $58

4. Power Figure Cupped Shaping Slip $68 

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