New Weekly Post. The Week in Review of Bad Celeb Fashion Called "WTF Was She Thinking?"

This is going to be such fun. Since America seems so pathetically addicted to what their favorite celeb is wearing or hawking, I thought a weekly rundown of some P.U. fashion disasters of epic proportions were in order. So if you see a photo here…it’s bad. Don’t buy it. Don’t you dare!

It’s time to take out the trash:

Avril Lavigne promoting her New Album "The Best Damn Thing" in Tokyo.
Comment: This clearly is not the best damn thing she has ever worn. Suspenders, bermudas and (are those) hose? Oh and what the hell is on her feet?


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Fantasia not looking so fantastic. Meow. That dress is dying to kill you. Try a larger size or better yet…a better dress.

Sharon Stone hosting the 1st Annual “Class of Hope Prom 2007” Charity Benefit in L.A.
Comment: You were a pretty cool customer was it 10 years ago when you wore that black Gap turtleneck with a long, full skirt? However, it’s not working for you anymore. Why? Well, the Gap is in trouble and so are you. Sharon, you are not a little girl and the headband and pink skirt make it look like you are trying a little too hard to make us believe you are 28. We get that is supposed to be a prom, but I never wore anything like this to mine. Maybe a grade school dance? There is nothing wrong with aging gracefully.

Jasmine Guinness at Montblanc’s First Fine Jewelry Collection in London
Comment: Scarier than this get-up is the fact that she is an heiress and a model! There is no excuse. Her Adidas pants are too long and don’t go with the sweat jacket. So Charlie’s Angels and not in a good way…so not appropriate.

Abi Titmuss at the The Laurent-Perrier Pink Party in London
Comment: Granted, I don’t know who this is, but apparently she thinks she’s pretty hot. Not. The obvious pink sweater (get it, for pink champagne?) is just one problem with this BoobBubbalicious outfit. I guess we should be thankful that she is wearing any clothes at all.

Melanie Griffith at the same event as Sharon Stone above.
Comment: Yikes! I can’t stop staring at her face, let alone the Spiegel Special outfit (you know the ones that are towards the back of the catalog?). My Lord what happened to the Working Girl?

Comment: Britney, Britney, Britney. I am almost feeling bad for her. Almost, but not quite. OK, I get the cowboy hat is keeping the wig on, but those hats and her cowboy boots have got to go! How many rabbits died for that thing that is doubling as a bolero? Honey, if the rumors are true and you hired Rachel Zoe as your stylist, fire her.

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3 thoughts on “New Weekly Post. The Week in Review of Bad Celeb Fashion Called "WTF Was She Thinking?"”

  1. Avril definitely needs to let the “i’m a cute little punk chick” attitude go and dress her age!
    And of course, it’s hilarious that Britney is wearing wigs now. It’s not like everyone doesn’t know you’re really bald, sweetie!

  2. Britney? is that really Britney? I wonder what shoes is she wearing though.. looks like that funky hat she’s wearing look perfect for her.


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