New York Fashion Week Spring '13: Backstage with MAC at Catherine Malandrino

MAC Makeup Artist James Kaliardos showing the products he used to create his look
I met with MAC Senior Artist James Kaliardos backstage at Catherine Malandrino to discuss the makeup look he created for the show, and a little bit about his inspiration. Not one to look back, Kaliardos focused on creating a futuristic look that utilized sheer shimmer and as much highlight as possible.
The MAC face chart used to create the makeup look
“It’s really about being the opposite of sun-kissed: moon-kissed. Luna is a cream color base, and we’re applying that as a highlight on the cheekbone, down the bridge of the nose, forehead, on the chin, on the lip, and it gives this really cyber-y, lunar, futuristic look. Cheers My Dear is a loose, pigment powder and that’s applied on the inner corner of the eye, and then this purple called “Spoiled Rich” is applied in the crease, floating horizontally so that it lifts up the eye. Also, curled eye lashes, and a beige-y lip. There’s a lipstick called Luxe and then a lip gloss from this Archie’s Collection which is a pale, beige-y peach. It’s all light and reflective and the opposite of a smoky eye, and all soft and blended at the same time that gives you this really cool look.”
A list of what goes into the look
And there’s more!
“There are a lot of pale colors in the collection,” James explained.”It’s very light. I thought that was cool. I picture girls wearing a smoky eye and I wanted to show it in a different way that was heightened and modern in a sophisticated way. I’m a futurist. I like retro things but it’s nice if we push that to something else.” When I asked James if he employed any new techniques for this look, he said no, just an expansion of old tricks. “I used highlight more with this look, usually we do it on the cheek but with this we did it everywhere.”
MAC products at an Artist’s makeup stand backstage
The final look!
  – Lauren Dimet Waters Photos: Second City Style,  

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