New York Fashion Week Spring '10. Welcome to the Urban Jungle at Carmen Marc Volvo

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Summary: Carmen Marc Volvo seemed to use his Spring '10 collection as a vehicle to pay tribute to the city he loves. Set in the NASDAQ building in the middle of Times Square, the site of the designer's presentation seemed at first unorthodox. However, once standing on the edge of the spherical, floor to ceiling windows looking down on the fabulous chaos below, one could easily see the parallels between the space and the collection.

The inspirations for the pieces came from the organic architecture of a swelling metropolis like New York and it was a stroke of sheer genius to set the stage against the backdrop of the city's teeming activity. Metallic dresses with rows of chain-like beading almost mirrored the structure of the skyscrapers outside. Liquidy sheaths and jackets in silk satin flexed like the concave windows they stalked past. And sparkly, embellished swimwear was reminiscent of an aerial city photograph—twinkling lights against a muted background. Everything was linear and grid-like, lucid and yet raw. The impeccable construction of the pieces and the selection of fabrics were what ultimately made the metropolis metaphor come to life. And New York seemed the perfect muse for the glamorous collection, made all the more memorable when the screens of Times Square suddenly blinked, and started a larger than life show of Carmen Marc Volvo's designs outside for all the world to see. 


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Color Palette: ivory, khaki, palomino, royal, gold, silver, pewter, gunmetal, black

Fabrics and Textures: cotton, silk, double faced wool, satin chiffon, suede, metal organza, metallic leather, lame, ruffled lame, embroidered lace, embellished lace, chain detail, beading, crystal embroidered linen

Key Looks: Black suede safari dress with crystal beaded hem; glass window beaded cocktail dress; black plunge neck swimsuit; gunmetal lame ruched cocktail dress; pewter chain embroidered lame gown; gold lame gown

Photo Source: NY Mag

-Alia Rajput

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