New Year. New You. Hair Trends For 2011

Carol and I have been having our hair cut and colored at Sasoon Salons pretty much since the beginning of Second City Style. Carol goes to the salon in Chicago at water Tower and I have been going to the one in downtown Manhattan ever since I moved here almost 4 years ago. Hamid Latif, Color Director for Sassoon Salon NYC Downtown, has been coloring my hair since I have been in New York and since I get plenty of compliments on my color, I thought it smart to ask him about hair color trends for the New Year. I also had the opportunity to speak to Thea Derecola, Creative Director for Sassoon Salon NYC Downtown about hair styles you can expect to see. If you think it's time to embrace a new you for 2011 or are looking for an updated style for New Year's Eve, be sure to read on.

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Hamid Latif and Thea Derecola                         

SCS: What's ‘in’ as far as color trends for the New Year?
Hamid: Expect to see much more color in 2011, drawing influences from nature and earth tones, such as burnt sienna, cool golden ochre and icy umber.
Blonde will definitely be one of the more popular colors for women with fair to medium complexions. Honey, caramel, platinum, and golden blondes are Blast7 beautiful options as long as they are tailored to suit your specific coloring. If you prefer to go darker when the temperatures drop, black is a timeless alternative. High gloss, rich black looks are stunning on both fair and slightly tanned complexions.  
Regardless of the shade, any color palette you choose must complement your skin tone and eyes to look the most flattering. If you’re unsure of what’s best, ask your colorist or visit a Sassoon Salon to get a complimentary consultation.
Additionally, all hair color must be properly maintained to preserve its luster, so it’s best to use products specifically created for color protection. I strongly recommend for deeper tones, Kérastase Bain Miroir Shampoo ($34) and Kérastase Chroma Reflect Masque ($58). For blondes,  the Kérastase Bain Chroma Riche Shampoo ($34) and Kérastase Masque Chroma Riche ($58). Both will keep the hair in optimum condition while prolonging the color.
SCS: What's ‘in’ when it comes to cuts for the New Year?
Thea: The bob seen in the newly released Tron movie… definitely not your mom’s bob! It’s an intricate cut that looks effortless due to the undercuts and disconnected lengths.
Another exciting look for 2011 revolves around bangs cut with dynamic diagonals that pair well with a variety of hair lengths and shapes. Different bone structure and textures can wear customized versions of this look and all look terrific. Also, the  bangs can be tailored to your personal style, so if you haven’t had a fringe before, you can subtly adapt the look.
Modern, clean cuts with lots of movement that are created to complement favorite features and face shapes are always on-trend. If you need ideas, the Sassoon AW10 collection, Blast has gorgeous options and our Spring Summer 2011 looks will be released in March.
Though, before you do anything to your hair, it has to be shiny and healthy to make Blast8 sure the shape looks its best. You should be using a shampoo and conditioner that targets your individual hair’s needs.  For example, wintertime means dry hair, so I have several clients who need added moisture. One of my favorite pairings is the Davines Melu Shampoo with spinach extract ($22) in conjunction with the Davines Melu Conditioner ($25). Also, try to get an in-salon treatment each time you visit for a cut or color appointment because they are excellent for adding hydration on a regular basis. I usually recommend the Wella Sp Keratin Oil ($42) treatment.
SCS: What is a quick party style a woman with medium to long hair can easily style herself for New Years Eve?
Thea: A glamorous low, side pony. First boost the roots by blow-drying upside-down. Then, pull the hair loosely to one side with a Sassoon small paddle brush ($18), secure the hair with an elastic and finish with Sebastian Halo Mist Shine Spray ($18.95). Instant glam!
SCS:  If a woman wants to do one thing to update her look when it comes to hair, what should she do?
Thea: Add a fringe (bangs). It’s a quick change that will immediately impact your look for 2011.
SCS: What trends do you see coming down the road for Spring?
Hamid: The new year is all about very modern, wearable looks. Trends are great for a moment, but really, you need to get a cut and color that’s designed especially for your texture, face shape, complexion and lifestyle. Then, when you leave the salon, the look is easily replicated at home so you’ll continue to have a fresh style, long after your salon appointment.
SCS: What is the biggest mistake you think women make when it comes to their hair?
Thea: Waiting too long for cut and color services. Sassoon cuts are famous for Blast4 growing out very well, so clients will still have a great shape several weeks after their appointment. However, you must get into a routine and make sure you’re visiting your salon regularly. We recommend every six weeks to ensure you look your best… after all, hair is the one accessory you CAN’T take off!
Hamid: On the color side, get a professional recommendation before you change your hair color. When you have color that doesn’t work well with your skin coloring and isn’t easily maintained due to your lifestyle, you’re not likely to love the results. Save yourself the frustration and rely on a trained professional to give you suggestions based on the color you have in mind.
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– Lauren Dimet Waters

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