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Last week I attended an event for the introduction of "New Pantene." Why is it new? Pantene took an in-depth look at hair's unique inter-fiber relationships which is a critical factor in product performance and how it works on hair. Then Pantene reinvented its entire brand around the 4 unique hair structures it found. New Pantene includes an updated ingredient list, tailored systems, new packaging and new fragrance. 

What are the 4 unique hair structures? They are Fine, Medium-Thick, Curly and Color-Treated. Now each structure has it's own shampoos, conditioners, styling products and treatments, including options designed to work together to deliver long-lasting results.  


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Learning about New Pantene by celebrity stylist spokesperson Danilo

Learning about the science behind New Pantene from Pantene Senior Scientist, Dr. Jeni Thomas

The new collections include:

• Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions in three versions: Flat to Volume, Dry to Moisturized, Fragile to Strong

• Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick Hair Solutions in four versions: Frizzy to Smooth, Breakage to Strength, Dry to Moisturized
• Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series in two versions: Curls to Straight, Dry to Moisturized

• Pantene Pro-V Color Hair Solutions in six versions: Color Preserve Shine, Volume, Smooth, Blonde Expressions, Highlighting Expressions, Brunette Expressions

Pantene Pro-V Scientists hanged the way they looked at hair care in 2004.  Applying cutting edge research tools from NASA, the medical industry, and other fields outside of hair care they gained a new understanding of the physical and chemical properties of hair structure, including their unique patterns of multi-fiber arrangements. With a new understanding of hair at three critical levels – single fiber, bulk, and multi-fiber arrangements, Pantene changed its entire approach to product design.

New Pantene Solutions now gives women the ability to choose products that fit both their hair type and their desired end look. For instance I learned to shampoo and condition for my color-treated hair, but style for my curly hair. Therefore, I need products from 2 of the 4 collections. If your hair is color-treated it's important to shampoo and condition for your color-treated hair as its altered chemical structure can absorb water up to 3 times faster than uncolored hair! Traditional conditioners won't work. You want to trick your hair into believing it's virgin hair (therefore use the "Color Solutions Nourishing Treatment" weekly treatment). Then use styling products for your type of hair.

Getting our "Color Solutions Nourishing Treatment" deep treatment

Lauren Dimet Waters (with Liam), Danilo, Aly Walansky and Beth Shapouri of’s Girls in the Beauty Department. Showing off our gorgeous freshly conditioned and professionally styled hair! 

My updated professional shot (I could have used more lipstick!)

My hair was softer and shinier than it has been in many years and smelled fantastic. I'm a convert and bet you will be too!

Stay tuned for the world's first reality hair ad by New Pantene May 25th!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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