New from FHI Heat. "The 8 Second Curl"

We all love flat iron styling but, sometimes we want a little lift, wave or curl! Well finally there is a a revolution in hot rollers: FHI HEAT Runway IQ Session Styling Rapid Roller Hair System. These aren’t your momma’s hot rollers! Not just for use in salons, come this June, you can have this system too. I recently met Shauky Gulamani, President of FHI Heat, who demonstrated the system for me at the American Beauty Show in Chicago. He simply dropped a roller onto the FHI HEAT RUNWAY IQ Session Styling Rapid Heating Base, pushed down and  a green light flashed. When the light stopped flashing 8 seconds later the roller was ready to use. Yet, it’s not too hot to handle at this point and becomes hotter (it reaches a perfect 284°F). The sides of the roller turn clear when the roller is hot and when the roller turns back to dark grey, the roller is cool and ready to be removed. Then you simply drop the next roller in and push down on the base while applying the first one to the hair. Just continue until the style is complete. It’s quick and easy!
Shauky Gulamani, President of FHI Heat demonstrates the FHI HEAT RUNWAY IQ Session Styling Rapid Heat Rollers. The hot roller is on the left and the cool roller is on the right.
The FHI HEAT RUNWAY IQ Session Styling Rapid Heat Rollers are available in a set of 4 and come in 4 sizes for all your styling needs: Small (33mm), Medium (39mm), Large (46mm), Extra Large (52mm). The rollers are made with Velcro but you can use FHI HEAT RUNWAY IQ Session Styling Roller Grip Clips to quickly hold the rollers securely. What a great way to lock in hairstyles to get body, volume, curls, waves and movement!
Look at this glamorous style with FHI HEAT RUNWAY IQ Session Styling Rapid Roller Hair System
About FHI Heat: FHI Heat® offers the most technologically-advanced blow dryers, styling irons, curling irons, heat-activated conditioners, styling clips, carbon combs and brushes. They’re available at top salons and beauty stores. For additional information: Visit or call toll-free 1-877-FHI-HEAT (877-344-4328). International inquiries call 323-344-2900. – Carol Calacci Photos: FHI Heat and Second City Style

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