Chicago's New eDrop-Off Luxury Consignment Store To Open In June


You may be familiar with the concept of eBay drop-off shops, but not like this one! eDrop-Off is geared for the fashion-minded.

Located in the heart of one of the best neighborhood shopping areas in Chicago (on Halsted just south of Webster) you may have noticed a bit of construction on the east side of the street. A beautiful lofty 3000 sq.ft. brightly polished storefront will soon be home to a brand new eDrop-Off. This luxury consignment shop is located on Clark and Fullerton and, of course, online.

I met the fashionable, personable and high-energy founder, Corri McFadden at the site and she filled me in on what she has been up to for the last 4 years! Her concept started with a school project and led to a full blown business with 13 employees, a store, a site and a blog.

You may wonder why would you need an eBay drop-off service, when you can do it yourself? After listening to Corri, I'll give you plenty of reasons! First of all, eDrop-Off has built up a high level of experience, and reached eBay’s PowerSeller Titanium status with over 75,000 successful transactions. You may not easily sell your mother's Hermes bag without any kind of previous track record on eBay. Corri knows all the rules regarding reselling and authenticating designer merchandise, and how to sell vintage. She can also tell you if something is going to sell or not. Let her accept and reject for you, as to not waste time. eDrop-Off will photograph items (professionally!), do the write-ups and handle the shipping. If you ever have tried to sell on eBay, you know how much time this will save you!

Okay, what is the fee? 40% of the sale. Most consignments shops are 50%, and Corri is including the photography, descriptions and shipping! She has clients all over the country, and the world, and built a strong reputation.

In Chicago we have the advantage and added bonus of going into the store get first-hand advice, to drop off, pick up and avoid shipping fees. There will also be a feature on the website that will allow you to request to have an item pulled for you and come into the store to try it on prior to bidding.


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So do you get it now? See why she needs such a huge space? Photography, drop-off and shipping all in one big beautiful loft!

Check out the new eDrop-off in June at 2117 N. Halsted Street in Lincoln Park. Go online to eDrop-off and visit the blog Influence by eDrop-Off.

—Carol Calacci

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