Need A Skinny Fix? Try SkinnyStix

SkinnyStix Berry Fusion
Sometimes I need a little help curbing my appetite, so I usually grab water and add a little lemon. Yet, that gets boring. I’m not normally one to take diet pills, but if I can drink something tasty that just might help me burn calories…I’ll try it. SkinnyStix is great tasting, easy, and a convenient way to lose weight, burn fat, increase energy, heighten focus and boost mood hour mood. It’s not just for weight loss… it’s also great as an overall “feel-good” formula, before a workout for an energy boost, en route to the office for increased focus or in the afternoon to get out of that post-lunch slump.
SkinnyStix is a five-calorie powder you simply mix in water – it helps increase satiety and reduces caloric intake without “conscious” dieting. The plant-based formula contains yerba maté, guarana and damiana to suppress appetite while a xanthine complex (caffeine and caffeine-like stimulants) provides energy, mood elevation, improved focus and stamina.
I swear this stuff works! It literally takes me feel full and less ravenous. I have been adding a packet to a bottle of water each day and have been utterly amazed it actually works (I’m NOT being paid to say this either!)!
SkinnyStix comes in flavors such as Tang Tangerine, Electric Lime and Berry Fusion. I’ve only tried the berry thus far, but I will be trying the others. Soon.
21 SkinnyStix packets, $29.99
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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