Naomi Campbell Sued by Perfume Company

Naomi campbell 

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is in rough legal waters, again. Make that hot legal perfume. The model, has, according to the Telegraph, "made millions of dollar from the sale of fragrances and cosmetics products conceptualized, created, developed and marketed with the assistance of Moodform Mission." The problem as Moodform Mission sees it? She allegedly has not paid them their share of the profits from Cat Deluxe and Seductive Elixir perfumes, as she must according to her contract with them. She, through her lawyer, denies the allegations. Meow! 

-Nina Krek

Story Source: NY Post, The Telegraph

Photo Source: WWD

2 thoughts on “Naomi Campbell Sued by Perfume Company”

  1. Unfortunately that does seem to be the case, but the fashion industry does not hold it against her.
    Look at the bright side; she can’t be young and beautiful forever. Okay that was mean. On second thought…I’m fine with it.


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