Kate Moss's Topshop Line Gets Personal

Kate Moss Renowned supermodel Kate Moss was interviewed by the British Newspaper The Guardian on Sunday and was able to disclose where the inspiration for her Topshop line came from. Turns out, most of it is very personal!

Her boyfriend Jamie stole her pajama top, and so she included a silky one in the line. "I've test-run all the underwear, too. My boyfriend likes the lot. It's all very sexy, but not nasty sexy, glamorous-sexy. Not vulgar. I love the lounging suit, and I do like a pajama. I wore a pair out as eveningwear in New York once, and there was a massive snowstorm. We couldn't get a cab, so I had to walk home in them. It was freezing, but they did look good."

Her line is also inspired by her massive collection of clothes. "I have three wardrobes – one bug one and two everyday ones, and recently I hired some people to come in and sort them out. They archived everything, putting it all in paper and boxes and labeled with Polaroids. It's gorgeous. I've had a couple parties in there, in my dressing room."


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So how would she describe the line? "Feature Sleeves! Floaty things! Sexy Things! That kimono feeling!"

And she's charmingly modest when it comes to the popularity of her line. "I don't think people buy these things because they want to look like me. They buy them because they know that I have an input, and that I really know about fashion, about fit. "

I, for one, can't wait until it debuts!

-Nina Krek

Story source: The Guardian

Photo Source:WWD

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