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Have you ever stepped into a store and thought "I want everything here?" I rarely do. OK, sure I can find an item or two to fall in lust with, but I can’t remember the last time I walked into a store and thought…"I seriously love, covet and need to have 7 pieces (I counted and even pared down) in one visit." That was until I visited Melissa Shipley’s month-old boutique in University Village in the South Loop district of downtown Chicago.

Castle_5 Castle Starr Puff-Sleeve Jacket


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The former CPA sure has a keen eye for style, pricing and displaying a bevy (yet not overwhelming number) of emerging designers not easily found in Chicago. Designs by; Robin, Castle Starr, Madison Marcus, 3GR, Amalialad, MK2K and Augustine are displayed on their own separate racks. Better yet, Lissa on Maxwell carries many items from these designers so you can experience their vision and appreciate the line as the designer intended (something we don’t see enough of in Chicago). Melissa tries to keep her prices between $200-400 to be accessible to everyone. Mind you, most pieces look more expensive than they are. What a pleasure to flip over a price tag and not faint from sticker shock!

Mk2k_sweater_2 MK2K Tunic

My favorites:  A gorgeous puff-sleeve jacket by Castle Starr, MK2K sweater dresses (a line from LA of all places!), a leather, cropped motorcycle jacket for $416 by Madison Marcus, 2 fab sweaters (both under $300) by Amalialad, and Augustine’s cream wool Chelsea coat with a ruffled collar and wood buttons I can’t sop thinking about for $440.

Augustine_chelsea_625_c_1 Augustine Chelsea Coat

Please check it out and buy these items before I do some serious damage. Consider it retail therapy (for me).

Lissa on Maxwell
729 West Maxwell St. (at Halsted)

– Lauren Dimet

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  1. I’ve already made three visits to Lissa since its grand opening and agree, I want it all. I’ve purchased 7+ items, and there are many more that I HAVE to HAVE! You will not be disappointed! This is your new one-stop-shop for boutique shopping – you will want to save all your discretionary funds for Lissa!


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