Modern Laser Cut Wood Jewelry by Joyo

Joyo Laser Cut Jewlery Arch Necklace When it comes to jewelry I favor modern and bold pieces. I also like pieces that are comfortable to wear. I was immediately drawn to Joyo when I first previewed the jewelry collection. I thought, “Could that actually be wood?” Then I learned Joyo jewelry designer Jenn Liddiard has a graphic design background, as I do, so I totally tracked with her concepts. After discovering laser technology, Jenn moved beyond gemstone designs to bring her graphic patterns to life. Her inspiration comes from architecture, history, nature and the beauty of intricate patterns found in ordinary things around her. Jenn designs, laser cuts, sands, and assembles each piece of jewelry herself. She uses real walnut and birch wood. Joyo Arch Necklace, Joyo laser cut jewelry, wooden jewelry The birch wood resembles gold, only it is lightweight and has a natural modern art edge. I love the Arch Necklace pictured above. It’s designed with perfect balance and is so comfortable I forget I am wearing it. The cuffs are super-cool, made in brushed aluminum or matte black aluminum and lined in ultrasuede. The earrings feature 14k gold ear wires so they won’t irritate or weigh down sensitive ears. Jenn keeps comfort in mind and the prices are reasonable, from $35 to $65. Here are just a few of of my favorites. Joyo wood jewelry cuff bracelet geometric grid

Joyo Grid Cuff, $65


Joyo wood jewelry earrings - leaves large birch

Joyo Leaves Earrings – Large, $45


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Joyo Squares Necklace Small Walnut wood

Squares Necklace Small, $45

Visit the website, to see the entire collection!

– Carol Calacci

Sample provided for review and the opinions are my own.

Photos: Second City Style and Joyo

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