Miranda Priestly is Back! "Devil Wears Prada" Sequel In The Works.

They're back!

Hold on to your Birkins! The news has just broken that Lauren Weisberger – the former Vogue assistant who hit it big my loosely chronicling the ridculousness that is the fashion publishing industry in Devil Wears Prada – is working on a sequel!  Same case of characters, same industry, same recipes for disaster no doubt. Of course the book catapulted into a global phenom once the movie came out a few years back featuring a bumbling, wide-eyed Anne Hathaway and a frost, sneering Meryl Streep as the devil herself, Miranda Priestly (aka Anna Wintour, for those of you residing under rocks).
So what can we expect from the next chapter in Prada-land? Weisberger confirmed the book, called Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns, will debut in April 2013, 10 years after the orginal was published. In the book, according to Entertainment Weekly, the sequel picks up eight years after Andrea Sachs has left the stressful plights of Runway magazine and has come into her own in the publishing world. Now Andy’s editing The Plunge, a wedding magazine, along with her former co-worker, the hate-to-love/love-to-hate Emily (played magnificently in the movie by Emily Blunt.) She’s moved on from her chef BF Nate and is allegedly engaged to some “social media scion” named Max. And of course, what would a DWP  sequel be without Andy once again crossing paths with The One, The Only Miranda Priestly. It’s all too delicious to even imagine! All we can say is, the movie version of this sequel is guaranteed to be better than the Sex And The City sequel so bring it on!
-Alia Rajput
Article Source: NY Mag,  Ew.com
Photo Source: moviewallpaper.net

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