NYFW Fall ’17: Milly Grows Up

Milly NYFW Fall '17 Milly NYFW Fall '17 Milly NYFW Fall '17


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Yes Michelle Smith’s Milly NYFW Fall ’17 was called “Fractured” since that’s how she obviously feels about the state of affairs in this country since the recent election. I for one hate mixing politics with fashion so I am not going to go there. You could tell Smith was afraid to show the bright colors she is usually fond of and to me that was a delightful surprise! Her uncertainty and brooding worked for the collection. For once Milly is a collection I actually want to wear…as in wear most of it!

I remember when I worked at Neiman’s in Chicago (I was a good decade younger than I am now) her clothes skewed a little young for me even back then. They were very bright and very girlie. I thought they were meant for young women, age 25 max. Now here I am years later and I would wear most of this collection for fall. At my age. Was it  original? Maybe not, but it was a new frontier for Milly!

The collection was bold yet feminine – cropped yet oversized, and most surprisingly the collection was very deconstructed and had “fragments’ that were pieced back together.Some skirts were slashed to show just a glimpse of skin and some crop tops could either show skin (for those under 30) or be worn with an oversized button down underneath. The real scene stealer was her leather. Who knew Milly could be so adept at tailoring leather?

This collection was for the woman that might be somber but optimistic – a force to be reckoned with. She owns her femininity in a masculine world yet she can also glam it up for a party after work hours. She can also mix a boxy menswear blazer withe a sequin skirt. There were a few dresses and gowns that were ultra feminine yet dark and mysterious. They were sensual but not overtly sexy or obvious. The Milly woman (it’s so refreshing t say that term rather than girl) is just as comfortable in a menswear oversized coat as she is in a slinky cocktail dress. I am woman hear me roar! Did I mention I’m still in shock this collection was Milly?

Fabrics & Textures: wool, cotton silk, leather fringe, pialetts, knits, feather, sequins, lace applique

Colors: white, ivory Oxford blue, sky blue, blush, grey, marigold, lilac, red, silver

Key Looks: white menswear button down shirts with giant bow cuffs  |  grey wool kimono wrap coat  |  lilac silk bias cut dress with cropped black sweater  |  black leather bustier worn over a button down with black leather pants  |  deep V evening gown with sheer pleated skirt over sequined shorts


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Photos: NY Mag

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